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Choose Your WIP Adventure: Part One - Ral Partha

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This is a great WIP, I like the cartoony style of heavy black lining, all my minis are painted for heavy gameplay, and for viewing from tabletop distance (which is why I don't show them off...) I may try your style of lining. You've got me experimenting! I also like the look of the contrasting colors.


My favorite edition is 2nd. The only D&D where "Sixteen daggers to the eye" is do-able. I miss oWoD, too.

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And she's pretty much done. I have to tidy up the base a bit. The edges of the stones will get a line of white. This will violate every rule on light and shadow, but it does look pretty neat and is something I do on all my bases with tiles or smooth. Mostly on my Parthas. They also get the black border on bottom.


The torch was done with Coat D'Arms because nobody has more vibrant pigments than they. Bright yellow with a smidge of reaper linen white to stabilize it, then angel orange, finally vampire red. There are a few tutorials on fire out there on the interwebz that are pretty cool, but if you just want a quick effect it's just reverse highlighting. Bright to dark instead of dark to bright. See? Easy?


Hair is walnut, then Reaper something or other that I got in my first order back in 2004. I suspect it may be warm walnut, but it could be anything. Then I slapped some Coat D'arms barbarian leather in to lighten the "warm walnut". I wasn't too picky about where I put the highlights, I just didn't want her to look like she was wearing a brown mop.


The torch handle got a few quick jabs of Coat D'arms brown ink for variety, followed by some jabs of reaper woodland brown.


So here she is sans dullcote. When I spritz her, probably tomorrow, I'll take another macro pic and see if it covered up my face ruining surgery.











And if we zoom out a bit to intended viewing distance, well . . . who'd complain about that for a total of about an hour and half's work? I picked at her in between doing other things, and I only started this WIP yesterday afternoon.




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I never tried myself but I like that dark lining technique you’re using. Most of the time I shade my minis with a wash but I’ll keep your approach in mind and try to integrate it on some of my future models. The final result is very nice. The torch fire is seems real.

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Nice, I too will have to try the dark lining technique. I mostly use washes. I've tride black primer, but it seems like I have to paint twice as much on that and I wind up overpinting the black and negating some of the benefits.


My only complaint about your mini is that I don't think those are pants :)

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