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Harlequin Titan


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Here's a titan that I did just a little while ago. I was rather fond of the results.


For credit- my client created the base (all I added was some gravel). It was also his idea to do up this titan as a harlequin. The color scheme matches his harlies, who are each black and white plus one of the bright colors featured on this mini.


I've posted him up on Cool Mini for anyone who cares to vote.


Well, here are the pictures:



















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Wow. Amazing. Crisp work on the lozenge patterns, very nice pastels to contrast with the black and white, fine blending on those large surfaces.

Excellent base, too -- compliments to your client!

Did you do any sculpting, such as the face on the titan's head? I painted a troupe of about 20 Harlequins when GW/Citadel first produced them ('90-'91, I think) and had a Harlequin Jetbike with a grinning-face-shaped front fairing, of which this titan's head reminds me. I also painted one of my Eldar robots and War Walkers (about 3" tall) in Harlequin colors, but they were just flat base coats, nowhere near as good as what you've done.



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