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Choose Your WIP Adventure 2: WIP Harder

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Well, I already started and #3 . . . but I did say initially I'd run the voting for longer than I did. And that vote ties them up.


So . . . after I'm done the Dragonmistress then as a bonus I'll do Thanis the Bonecaller.


That way I keep my word, and everybody's happy.





And don't none of the rest of you get any funny ideas about voting up #2 and #4 and making it so I have to do all of them.

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Some progress this morning. First thing in the morning is actually my best time to paint. I'm not awake enough yet to worry about messing things up. I just sit and do.



Also, you'll notice that my lady miniatures get red lips, no eyebrows, and some eyeshadow. The only time I ever tried to do eyebrows it came out as a hideoues uneven unibrow. NOT sexy! The lips are blood red (the bottom will get a dab of firehawk to differentiate) and the eyeshadow is Fairy Blush from old pro paint.


If anybody has any of this color I will pay cash money for it.


You'll notice there's a black spot in the bottom white of her right eye. For whatever reason, I cannot get to this spot with a brush. I keep going after it and it's still there. I may have to live with it.


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Fairy Blush? Because my (not very F)LGS had a metric butt-ton of those on clearance in a bucket, about a month ago. There were a a handful of other colors, too, like Rose Quartz, Cateye Green, and Dwarven Flesh, and I grabbed the other ones, but I thought "what am I gonna do with a pink like that?" So, I didn't get any.


I'm going to be in that neighborhood within the next few days. I'll check to see if they still have buckets, and grab you some. Seriously.

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OO OO!!! We just got #1 so when you do that one I can "paint along with you" (if my husbandish doesn't mind- which I'm sure he won't, he's already told me that I'm going to have to paint the majority of his Vampire++++++++++++++++++ etc. pledge when it comes in). That will be fun!! Ours is already primed!

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That's fine. I have a million and one things to get done myself for several large events that I'm in charge of this month- plus I need to rewire my painting light & I think tomorrow I'll be spending the day at the doctor (though hopefully it will take less than an hour to get in, run the test, and get the prescription). But still that's time away from the other stuff I need to be doing. This weekend I am busy, next weekend is the first event for 120, then I get a weekend off and then the final weekend is the event for 600. So yeah... take your time with the other stuff you need to get done. PM me when you're ready to get started. Plus I'm going to work on the Ogre Chieftain WIP so that will keep me entertained on my down time- plus all my Halloween stuff and Mouslings. :lol:

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That's fine with me. Actually into October would be better for me with my schedule this month. Not taking any painting into account I'm overbooked as it is. So don't worry about waiting for Thanis, I'm not in any rush to get her done.

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      Hey everyone, here's a RAFM model I painted lately. 3615 (C), Necromancer was sculpted by Stephen Koo and was part of the Monsters of Chaos series in 1994.






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      Hello all you Reaperloogans!
      So this one I finished a few nights ago is Valania the Sorceress.  I'm not sure who sculpted her, but I really did enjoy painting her.  She's one of the newer Partha figures, I think after they became Iron Wind, and she's got a tab base, not an integrated base.  She's also a bit larger, not the 25 mm of old. She's actually around the size of a Reaper figure.
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      Watch out this time of year for this fellow, he'll come riding in with the blizzards!

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      Good evening Reapertons!
      So I've been busy working on a little project, plus I'm painting some Christmas elves for my mom, but amidst everything else I got inspired to repaint a figure that for some reason I've always liked quite a lot. She's a very simple figure, and I painted her first probably way back in 1980 something, probably between 1982-1986.  She was sculpted by Dennis Mize in a set of four other thieves in the Children of the Night range. I've actually painted three of the four, still haven't gotten around to painting the last one with a grappling hook.  Anyway, showing off new to old:

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