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RPM Troubleshooting Links:



Wrong Prices (Try closing browser and reopening first)




Starting a collection of links for Kickstarter:


FAQs(This is the first one)


Video FAQ:



Reaper Facebook Page:



Mirrored Image of C'Thulhu



Explanation of the increasing amounts for goals:



Shipping Information



Helpful tools:

Pledge creator/tracker http://niagaragamers.net (choose your locale) (Courtesy of Dan)

What a DEAL you're getting http://greg.botch.com/bones/ (mouseover gfx to see metal prices, etc) (Courtesy of Greg)

Google Docs Spreadsheet (Thanks Chris)



Learning to Paint Links:












Reaper Forum Trade Thread



Board games that benefit:



Reaper Player Map



Here is a Duty Calculator found by Bob:


Good Explanation on calculating Duties



Comparison photos: (Thanks Greg!)












These are no longer working:




Kicktraq: (Good thinking Bob!)



Intro Video



Mid-drive Video



Starting Forum Discussions about Bones Kickstarter:



BBCode for images and banners:

Ahh phooey, I cannot keep up!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

May I request a helpful repository of links to all other non-Reaper Forum discussions, so that I might try to keep up with questioners there?


I know of these:







Please help me expand this list. People have questions, and I'd like to either help, or give them their 3 options :;):

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Okie dokie:


Forum Discussions






















































































There are multiple threads on some of those forums, and I left off some of the more inactive forums - as it tends to be the lone voice in the forest. There is also a bit of chatter going on over at 4chan - though they make Frothers seem like well manored individuals, so I figured I would leave the link off.


Somewhat Traditional News Outlets




Tweet Stuff










Celebrity Endorsements


I'll throw this in as it is an endorsement from Monte Cook:




Might want to contact Play Unplugged regarding the Bones line. They did a review when the line was first released, and a follow up with some tidbits and such like what was done for GameHead might be in order:




Anywho - I got some more if you like...and I left out all the various blogs, not-news sites, and other stuff like that.


Regarding the spreadsheet - I'll likely update it again at the end of the campaign with where things are then. Most the information that people are interested in can be found on KickTraq (pledges/backers per day). The other stuff - how the trend line is forming up compared to the other campaigns and how this compares is less important to the Reaper campaign itself (interesting - but not important).

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There doesn't seem to be a news announcement on TMP, have you considered throwing one together? There's a lot of Song of Blades and Heroes fans there, and a big grab-bag of heroes and monsters would suit them to the ground.


WhatAboutBob, could you include some explanatory notes there with the links? Some will be richer pickings than the others. Giant ITP is the home of Order of the Stick and attracts a fair amount of D&D/ Fantasy fandom, for example.

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Bill is getting a little bit senile in his old age.


IIRC - in order to have him do news for your company, you have to pay him. He hasn't had a Reaper "news" story for 6 months or so since the new policy went into effect.


Regarding the links...I could, but that is largely irrelevant. While it might be relevant if you were looking for someplace to hang out - that isn't what that is about. It is mainly about getting the word out to as many eyes as possible, regardless of the primary purpose of the venue. Some are general forums, others are game related, there are some regional ones as well - though I skipped the non-English speaking boards as I wasn't too sure what Bryan would be comfortable with there. I weeded out most of the really small ones already though.


Granted - that all is really only relevant to people who post there already and to Reaper...so they can keep an eye on the threads and address Reaper specific questions. The original posters, and those who have a standing in the forum should go ahead and maintain the threads. No need to have an invasion of Reaper fans spamming the place.


Everyone else should hit the forums and haunts which they frequent. Post early, and post often. If you are a member of a video game forum - drop a post in the off topic section.

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Well, there is that then.


I pulled those out of a file I am working with - didn't bother to put the descriptions in that particular file, as for my purposes...the descriptions there are irrelevant. I have some information on certain ones in a different file, but the two files are not linked in any way...so I would have to manually connect the URLs to the site names (which sometimes is easy...others not so much).


I think this thread would be remiss without Reaper's own information regarding the campaign though:






And possibly - for simplified postings, something like standard BBCode for the various image blocks which happen...




Which when pasted into most forums will render like so:




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Back to the helpful tools: Bob's kickstarter campaign analysis: https://skydrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=67DD0FEA510B52B0!114&app=Excel (Not sure if he'll be keeping Bones plotted up to date or not though). Another useful link is http://www.foamcorps.com/Reaper_c31.htm for the optional trays that fit the case option.


Bob's chart appear not to work for me. I get file not found.

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I've posted it in the comments section of the KS Campaign. The Skydrive doesn't like the direct link though for some reason and prefers the tiny url version:




There was a typo in my normalizing data for the Zpocalypse line in the 4th chart (normalized pledges). I added a zero, which makes it seem to jump on one day. That has since been corrected. I'll see about loading up a newer version today - going to enjoy the break in the rain though first and do some swimming.

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      I would like to thank ALL of the people making comments here. I especially focused on comments made by upset backers. Your comments are helpful, and this is how we learn. We might not be able to fix everyone’s problems at this time, but they will all be addressed in future planning discussions. 
      Now down to business. I’m making this post because I realized last night that in the rush to get everything going, no one was assigned to monitor the KS comments. In the past, that duty fell on the shoulders of Matt Clark, but he retired last year. That’s on us and we will have someone dedicated to poking their head in here.
      UPDATES: “Official” updates occur twice a month on the KS Updates Section. Everything that is important is in these updates.
      We will also answer questions, show pictures, promote, and discuss the KS on all our social media platforms. Because a lot can occur during the two-week intervals between Official Updates, many pictures, discussions, and information not contained in the prior Official Update will show up on these social media sites.
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      2) UPS just sent me a notification that my order is going to my old address. What should I do?
      Go to UPS MyChoice and redirect it https://www.ups.com/us/en/services/tracking/mychoice.page?
      3) What are the EU and UK start dates?
      We are confirming AU is still July 5th. The UK has their container and is getting ready, but no hard date at this moment. We will have one next week.
      4) Where is the last container for the US Warehouse?
      The last container is still stuck in Los Angeles.
      We are working each day to break this log jam. I hope for word on Tuesday when everyone returns back to work. 
      5) Why are some Waves going back and forth?
      Shipments are combined and stacked in the order pulling queue. They are then printed in batches. “Wave hopping” sometimes does occur. Simple examples that can cause this are the picker/puller grabs a pull ticket from the wrong stack or from the back of the stack (printed pull tickets are stacked in a tray on their sides). We try our best. The good news is that we are usually done pulling in a few weeks.
      6) Why is Canadian shipping different this time?
      We have used UPS to get shipments into Canada every KS except KS1. UPS prepares shipping options based on the data for Canada. Location, package count, sizes, weights etc. They in turn present the options to us. We will generally choose the cheapest option that still balances service with price.
      In the past it was cheaper for us to use the service in which we imported the packages to ourselves as a non-resident importer. This option required Reaper to pay the 5% GST as the importer. We were unable to collect or bill backers for the 5% GST we paid as we are not registered with Canada to collect anything. In summary, it was cheaper for us to pay the GST to send your package.
      I do not know what changed between Canada and the USA, but this time the service we used in the past was substantially more expensive than direct service. Direct service is a better option and came with better tracking and UPSMyChoice. There are NO duties on US products. In the end, you are paying your local sales tax and GST and an entry fee based on the size of your order.
      I want to thank everyone for their participation and support of the Kickstarter. Please continue to post your comments. They do all get read. Please stay safe~
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