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Kickstarter Bones You'd Like To See


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We have a Kickstarter Conjecture thread, and a Bones You'd Like to See thread, but we don't yet have a Bones You'd Like to See in the Kickstarter thread. Not that it will help much, since it sounds like Reaper has it fairly well planned out down the road, but hey, maybe they could shift things around if one type of miniature gets a lot of interest...


Here's my list of hopefuls:


Air elementals/effects (translucent)

Water elementals/effects (translucent)

Earth elementals/effects (regular Bones)

Hill Giants

Fire/Frost/Hill giant grunts

More misc. dungeon dwellers

More misc. monsters from the original Manuals of Monsters


molds/slimes/jellies pack (translucent)

dark elves


colossal skeleton

colossal (and other huge) spiders

more townies

Warlord packs

DHL army packs:

06035: Ghouls

06034: Wraiths

06058: Mummies

06059: Mummy Tomb Guardians

06002: Men At Arms Of Breonne

06022: Men At Arms

06030: Men at Arms- Archers

06004: Men At Arms Of Anhur

06023: Anhurian Swordsmen

06025: Anhurian Crossbowmen

06051: Anhurian Command

06011: Sisters Of The Blade

06012: Sisters Of The Blade

06055: Men at Arms, Malvernis

06019: Black Legionnaires

06036: Templar Knights

06039: Lizard Men w/Spears

06046: Lizardmen Archers

06047: Lizardman Command

06048: Lizardmen, 2H Club

06049: Lizardmen Tyrants

06050: Lizardman Warriors

06057: Lizardmen Warriors

06010: Dwarven Warriors

06014: Dwarven Crossbowmen

06018: Dwarven Axemen

06020: Dwarven Hammers

06024: Dwarven Swordsmen

06040: Dwarven Miners

06041: Dwarven Spearmen

06042: Dwarven Command

06043: Dwarves With 2H Axes

06044: Dwarven Warriors

06045: Dwarven Fanatics

06001: Skeletons

06052: Skeletons, 2H Swords

06053: Skeletons Swords

06003: Skeletons

06005: Skeleton

06006: Skeleton

06031: Skeletal Crossbowmen

06032: Skeletal Command

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Here's my list of hopefuls:



I've wondered how well Kaladrax would do as a Bones model. I'm afraid he would suffer the same issues that he tends to experience in metal (i.e. his overall upper body mass being too much for his boney legs to support without assistance).


However, this does bring up an interesting possibility. New large boxed dragons have pretty much stopped being released, and a fair part of that was because they'd become so expensive in metal that they just aren't very profitable for Reaper to make. With Bones, the production cost shouldn't vary much between producing an existing large dragon and a new one (seeing as most of the cost is the molds, not the green). A new sculpt of Kaladrax released in Bones would have a much lower price-point, which would help drive the sales necessary to make it profitable. This would allow for the possibility of producing a skeletal that has a more structurally stable body; one that would not bend under its own weight.


TOTAL conjecture. :;):



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Actually, you have a good point. If they go to the trouble of turning him into Bones, they could take this opportunity to fix that as well as the slightly funky things required in his metal form, like the big breast bone...

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1. They've already exceeded my craziest want list at this point. I'm sure I'll think of more crap I want, but at this point, the KS is already ahead of me.


2. Again, they're not going to make any Bones that they don't think will be continuous, steady, profitable sellers. I hesitate to tell Ed, Bryan, Ron, & co. what I want when they have THAT hanging over their heads. The market will decide. That being said, I dare say that with the results off this KS, the market's speakin' pretty LOUD... now, let's just hope it keeps talking long enough to pay for itself.

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I've got Kaladrax somewhere. Never knew the weight on his legs was an issue, but then again I also haven't bothered putting him together yet. I'll get around to it eventually though. :)


One of my favorite things about this is the fact that I can get possibly ugly minis that I wouldn't have given a 2nd thought before they were in the Bones line. PLUS I wouldn't have given the Bones line a chance at all if it wasn't for this kickstarter. So pretty much anything they release in the Kickstarter is good IMO. I can always either resell the unwanted mini or chop it apart and use it for parts. The possibilities are endless!

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I suppose it's pointless for me to wish for Bones in THIS Kickstarter, since they've already plotted it out, but one thing that occurs to me is that it would be nice to see how much these Bones are going to cost once they're in production, if they have already figured out the MSRP. Although the deals are sure to still be pretty good, actually seeing how much we might save by getting them *now* could be a nice little incentive for anyone who's sitting on the fence about it.


For instance, the Bones Skeletal Spearmen are listed on the Reaper side at $4.99 for three, while the Bones Zombies are listed at $4.49 for three. That suggests that the MSRP price for the new Bones zombies and skeletons will be somewhere around $1.50-$1.67 each. With the "Undead Horde" pack in the Reaper Kickstarter, you can get 10 undead (a mixture of skeletons and zombies) for $10, which works out to be $1 per miniature. My math is a bit iffy here, but that roughly works out to be about at least 1/3 off the MSRP -- and as a rule of thumb, if my local game store were offering 1/3 off of Reaper minis, I'd be scrambling to grab some. ;)


For the Dungeon Crawler pledge level, you get 12 rats, 12 kobolds, and 12 goblins for $15 ... which is roughly equivalent to getting 2x #77016 (Rats x6 - $3.49 per pack) + 2x #77010 (Kobolds x6 - $3.49 per pack) + 2x packs of goblins (no known price yet but I'll guess $3.49 per pack of 6 based on previous examples), or $20.94 -- about 28% off. (Not QUITE as spectacular as the Vampire-level deals, but not bad.)


It looks like regular characters (#77008 - Male Human Warrior, #77011 - Dwarf Warrior) are running around $1.99 each MSRP for Bones, so when I look at the various add-on packs at Vampire level (Townsfolk, Klocke Classics, Elves, Dwarves) where it's roughly $1 per figure for a pack of 4, that's about 50% off what it'd cost to get them later. (And that doesn't even include shipping/handling for those who don't have a "friendly local game store" to shop at.)


I don't know if my guesses are on the mark or not, or how spotty my math is, but I'm pretty sure that some comparative pricing would help to drive home the added value of signing on to some of these deals right now, if someone's wavering. Just a thought.

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The big old earth elemental, the big old warlord hill giant, and some regular fire and frost giants. I like the king and queen but I don't want multiples of them and with giants, hell, some of them you need multiples of, especially if you want to run a particular old school adventure.

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Anhurians would be awesome. They could serve as everything from Town Guard to King's Soldiers.


I don't know about you guys, but our PC's have a knack for getting snagged up in wars and being able to fill the field with uniforms in a budget-friendly way would be a neat touch.

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Oh, I take that back. I liked Pally's suggestion over on the Conjecture topic, I believe. Less driders, though, but more spiders. Giant dragon sized tarantulas, huge spindly daddy-long-legs, enormous arachnids, medium sized dungeon spiders, little pet familiar ones. A large assorted spider army. That would make me infinitely happy.

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