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Color My Mini!

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I'm setting this up now so it can run while I'm doing my other WIP, and then I can do this up. I have selected a miniature, but I need you to select the colors.


Here's how it works. If you follow this link, you can vote on colors:






Hair: Red

Skin: Tie (color roulette)

Boots: Chestnut Brown

Gloves: Chestnut Brown

Sword Blade: Color roulette

Sword hilt/guard: Color roulette

Armor Main: Tie (color roulette)

Cloth: Turqoise

Helmet Trim: Color roulette

Armor Frill: Color roulette

Shield: Yellow

Shield Design (Heart): Black

Lips: Black

Tile Stone 1: Granite

Tile Stone 2: Stone Grey

Tile Stone 3: Dove Grey



Color roulette means that I will blindly pick a random color from my stash, which could be anything.


In the event of a tie in any category, it will default to color roulette.


Whatever colors are chosen will form the midtone, and I'll paint the miniature with the requisite techniques I usually use - even if it means purple hair and turqoise skin.


For an extra layer of fun and amusement, when it's finished I'll put it up on CMON for votes and see what results we get.


Ready? Here she is:


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I can't get to the poll no matter what I click, so I'll just spout some random colors and hope you add them to the poll results.


yellow, gray, green


It should ask you to choose to not use safe mode, then click "save", and then the poll should appear.


In future, now I know to submit it to a category a few days in advance so the "safe mode" page won't come up.


It's a learning experience for me.



ETA: The poll runs until Saturday, so if you can't get in currently (might be the case since I submitted it for a category to try and get rid of the safe mode page) then try again in a day or two.


Anybody runs into problems, just let me know. Never done this before and we'll work the kinks out.

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It's one of the sillier RAFM Women of the Ninth Meridian minis. 3698. It's NIC now but I wrote them with the order numbers and got some made up.


There's a handy list of catalogs here: http://dndlead.com/Catalogs.htm and you can find most of the RAFM I've got in the 1994 catalog.


Wot9M are on page 17.

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