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Color My Mini!

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Now, obviously you know what the winning colors are. But the roulettes? Even I don't know until that step is reached. She could turn out to be lovely . . . or an abomination we must destroy with fire* !




*(mini will not be destroyed with fire - hyperbole, man, dig it)


So the hair was voted Red, and I mean RED. So the base for this is my trusty Aged Red Brick, as seen on TV. Well, not TV. But a monitor is kind of a TV.



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Now time for some skin, AND our first COLOR ROULETTE!



Are you ready? Scream real loud, kids!












and the winner is . . .






Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! Okay! Domo arigato, missus roboto!


Let's see how she looks with some gunmetal skin . . .







Well now, we're off to an . . . interesting . . . start anyway!

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Now time for the sword blade, AND our second COLOR ROULETTE!



Are you ready? Spin that wheel!












and the winner is . . .






Righty-o! Well, let's darken that Liche Purple with some Purple Steel and put it on there! And how does our Technicolor Dreamgirl look?







Why, it's none other than Stace Windu, jedi robotic consort to the nefarious General Grievous! She'll give those Jedi scum something to think about, oh yes! She'll beat them purple, she will. Beat 'em til they speak binary.

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She looks special. Especially good.



Edit: I just painted a warlock/rogue player in one of my games with a purple sword. I made it all swirly crystal magic, with purple as the base coat, and lime green for the shadows. It look like it's made out of pure evil magic. So, you can rock a purple sword.

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So far she still has at least the potential to look ok.


I do, however, rather suspect this will change as we accumulate colors. Or maybe not. I just don't know.


But I do know that, horrid paint scheme or not, she's going up on CMON for votes. I wonder if we'll make anybody cry?


(mind you, if I really wanted to troll I'd stick her up on frothers) :-p

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I had a surprise visit from my painting partner (He doesn't have dedicated hobby space, so I lease him a desk for free coffee) and that gave me some time to get cracking and update some of my WIPs.


Ok, so the hilt and armor main color were color roulettes. The hilt came up Reaper PP Rust, and the Armor Reaper PP Slate. Here are the darkened basecoats.


Still not sure if she's on the road to looking good or looking hideous.



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      I don't have WIP photos because this was a SECRET.
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      I also made some terrain on a whim. The little huts are pretty iconic to him so I knew he'd immediately find it in the display area! I drew out the sizes I wanted, cut some baked sticks to size, and doused everything in appropriate amounts of superglue and hotglue. The hut top was made with a ball of foil with Apoxie Sculpt. Once it was mostly cured, I removed the ball and smoothed the inside and outside with more clay. Once it's painted, I'll use long grass to mimic the hay. I still need to add little jars, skulls, lanterns, treasure chest, etc.

      Lastly - the cards themselves!
      These card images were pulled from the Hearthstone Wiki and I added some short, awful descriptions.
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      Bottom left: Warleader. Your other murlocs have bonus attack. Big sword guy!
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      Tomorrow I'll be making the little bits and bobs. Hopefully I can arrange all the terrain on Thursday, prime Friday, and be painting next week!
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