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Color My Mini!

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Okay, so now that the Dwarf and Elf are out of the way I can get back to more important things. Since this is the more fun and interactive of my two remaining WIPs I'm going to give this the priority and then get back to the dragonmistress.


So I went ahead and did the rest of the colors. I'm not going to tease you, because this was all super delayed and I don't want you to get frustrated and come hunt me by the light of the moon. Or something like that.


So the remaining random colours were for her Helmet Trim and Armour Frill. They came out as Coat D'Arms Hideous Blue and Reaper Pro Paint Rose Quartz respectively.


That left Turqoise that was voted for the cloth, and yellow as voted for the shield. So I've gone and put those on in their shade coats now, so all the basecoating is done!


Who wants to see?




You do?






Are you sure?





Really sure?



Really, really sure . . . okay put down the knife and I'll show you.










Fantastic, no? Such a subtle blend of colours, quite pleasing to the eye, I think. Now I said I'm going to do this with a straight face and by god I meant it! So next comes the blacklining.

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No, seriously! Stare at her long enough and some part of you, way deep down, some little kid part of you is going to start thinking "this is a pretty cool action figure".


And I do not need more ventiliation. I had a quick chat with the Rock N' Roll Superfunky Technicolour Spidermonkey and he said everything's copasetic.


If anything, what we need are more fumes.



ETA: And maybe some Twinkies and Doritos.

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I has bad news, buglips. No Fairy Blush. Their discontinued paint supply is really dwindling. They're down to a few dried out looking volcanic and faded browns. I was hoping to grab 5-6 of em and make your day.


Somehow I totally missed this post. Anyway, thank you for trying! I only use Fairy Blush on eyelids, so it ought to last me a while. Long enough to find a substitute, I hope. Or maybe some long-lost stash of Fairy Blush waiting in an attic somewhere.


* sometime in 2056 *


"And the final lot we have for auction today is an old box of Reaper Pro Paint Fairy Blush. We'll start the bidding at - "


Me: "A million dollars! A million dollars right now if you GIVE IT TO ME!"

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