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Pledging for Bones kickstarter question


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Apologies in advance because the answer is probably here somewhere, but with over 100 pages in some of the discussions I get trying to keyword search, I kinda gave up :-)


I am wanting to pledge at Vampire level and add on the awesome minis case. It says to add that amount to your pledge. I have tried starting at 100 and starting at 125, and no options to say where the extra money goes will come up. The only option I have is to confirm the order, something I am reluctant to do without knowing that something is going to pop up asking what I want to do with the extra money. Any help is appreciated.


Not that I really NEED 100+ more minis to paint, but damn, are they too cool or what?

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Is it also possible to pledge Vampire, plus buy some regular (old) bones or even other metal miniatures from your website, and have them sent in 1 package?

I've got my eye on Vampire, but also some old bones and some other mini's from the shop.


If that's possible, I'll just add up the costs of the miniatures from the shop, and add that to the $100,- vampire pledge, plus $25,- shipping to Europe (I hope that the $25 will cover everything, as I won't be adding a lot of mini's)


Keeping a spreadsheet is a good idea! that way I can fill in that info in the survey.


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I am not sure about the logistics of combining internet orders and kickstarter orders...


With over 3,000 orders and climbing, finding your order and matching it to your pledge will be like finding a needle in a haystack, and I cannot promise we can do it.

That sounds logical. I'll just pledge "regular" Vampire level then, perhaps with some Kickstarter extra's such as the Miniature storage case.


But please let me know if matching additional orders can be done. A good idea perhaps would be to simply up your pledge with the cost of the miniature's you'd want to order along with the bones, and fill out the form with those order numbers. Because then I can still up my pledge for the appropriate amount before the Kickstarter project ends, and fill in the mini's I'd like in your survey. If not, then so be it. Perhaps I'll get lucky and some miniatures from my list might get added to the Vampire level ;)


(these would the the mini's I'd be interested in ordering along with the bones pledge:)

02328: Lorath, Orc Shaman (€4.49)

14060: Leisynn, Mercenaries Mage (€4.12)

03179: Roshtand the Green, Arch Druid (€4.49)

77004: Cave Troll (€1.72)

77009: Werewolf (€1.49)

77013: Minotaur (€2.62)
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I guess the other question is do you really want to wait that long for your order? Bones won't be shipping till next year, if the minis you want don't end up in that Bones release you could just order them now and have them painted up long before your Bones order arrives.

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I'm going to go on record and say that the Kickstarter orders are going to be kept separate from the regular internet orders. It's just not a feasible proposition with our fulfillment logistics.


It *could* be a good idea, but the databases are being kept separate for some very particular reasons. And that makes it nigh-impossible to keep track of this proposition with any accuracy.

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