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How do you manage your shelf of completed minis?


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I don't have any painted minis (yet), but my cats love to play with my WotC minis, especially if I have them on my desk. Rocky, the brother, loves to pull things off of my desk with his paw. But only if I'm sitting there, and not (for whatever fevered reason has entered my undoubtedly unsound mind) petting him. He has to remind me that my hand has much more important things to do in terms of delivering scritches and belly rubs.


Yeah, painting's gonna be fun with him.


Man, it's hard to believe I haven't seen them for six months. Haven't had them living with me for nearly a year. I can't wait to get back to the states and get them back.

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I promptly assign my painted minis to boxes, or there's too much risk that something terrible will happen to my minis during the inevitable shuffle at my house. (I do not have a dedicated "hobby" space that I get to claim for my own -- just a few shelves for storing boxes of minis and props in a section of the garage.)


If it's a pre-painted mini (HorrorClix, HeroClix, Heroscape) that I've merely re-based and touched up, then it typically goes in a plastic craft organizer box, or in a larger storage bin with cardboard dividers, without any special consideration for foam lining and such; it just isn't an issue.


For my metal minis (Reaper, Ral Partha, Grenadier, etc.), I used to use plastic school cases with foam trays I'd make out of various sources of foam glued together. More recently, I've been using Portable Warfare APC boxes with pluck-foam trays (http://www.portablewarfare.com), as the boxes fit perfectly on a couple of shelving units I picked up a while back. I print off an 8.5"x11" "cover piece" for the top of the box, and labels for the sides, which I then apply with spray adhesive glue, so I can categorize the box. E.g., my current boxes include categories such as "Weird War II," "Ancient Rome," "Deadlands: Varmints & Critters," "Deadlands: Cowpokes & City Folk," "Steampunk," "Rippers / Victoriana," "Wonderland No More," "Slipstream," and a few more, including a "Savage Worlds" catch-all box I'm using for odd categories until I get enough of any one category that I need to split them off into their own category box.


I also have a Portable Warfare "Sergeant" bag that I take to store games, with side pockets for things such as tape measures, templates, cut-out treasure cards, cheat sheets, etc. I have trays that I load up for the particular game I'm running (almost all of them are dedicated to pirates right now, because of my current campaign). I've been building up a few spare trays by saving the foam squares I pull from the "pluck foam" trays, and then gluing them down on pieces of foam-core illustration board that are cut to the right dimensions. That way, I can more readily swap out trays, since I often run campaigns of different genres that leap-frog each other. For instance, last week I ran a Pirates RPG campaign set in an "Arabian Nights" setting, this upcoming weekend I'll be running a "Slipstream" campaign, and the weekend after that I'll be running a "South China Seas" game, so I've been prepping different trays I can quickly swap out to have ready to take to the store. I don't want to make a mad scramble to line up my minis for a game at the very last minute.


I've put in a pledge for the Reaper hard-plastic miniatures tray, to see how it works, too, as I could use an alternate mode of minis transport for conventions.

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