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Rocket Propelled Games bi-monthly newsletter and mini painting contest

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Kit said I should introduce myself so here goes, I or should I say we , are a small group of gamers that are in the development phase of a new kind of modular terrain for use in any game system that uses minis, we will offer our terrain in every scale we can produce it in. As of right now we are designing for six different genres, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Horror, Urban zombie apocalypse, and Ancient Rome. We are seeking the involvement from the miniatures gaming community to help us produce a line of terrain that is truly designed with gamers in mind. Please send us any questions , concerns, ideas, or advice you may have.


Yesterday we released issue 01 of our terrain newsletter, in it you can find info about the terrain we are designing, what you can do to help, info about contests we are holding and much more to come. If you are not a subscriber it is not too late.


SUBSCRIBE today by sending an email to [email protected]



About the contests:


~The mini painting contest will be a recurring type contest scheduled for twice a month.


~Entry is absolutely free, all that we require for entry is your Name and email address


Submission Rules

~ Submissions must be painted by you, no outsourcing please


~ You may only submit one entry for your submission


~ A entry may consist of any miniature that fits into the current theme.


~ Limit your submission to 5 or less images.


~All submissions should be made through a facebook message or via ouremail listed above.


Reaping the rewards


~ whomever wins the bi-monthly contest will get their miniature and a short bio featured on our facebook page and in our newsletter in the miniatures section.


~ All winners will also receive a voucher for free terrain , which will be delivered after production before it becomes available to the public


The theme and cutoff date


~ For the first theme we will be doing " A gnome illusionist of evil alignment " This is to be a miniature to represent the tavern owner from our article " A brief introduction to the tavern and its owner" which you will find in the image of our first newsletter below

~ The cutoff date to submit for entry into the contest will be August 30th @ 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time





To find pictures and more information be sure to visit us at:




Feel free to message us via:




Best Regards and happy painting,

Rocket Propelled Games

[email protected]

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After looking back, we have realized that the theme we have selected is a mighty bit to specific so we thought we would expand on it a bit. Submissions may include any character that you might find in a tavern, (Fantasy miniatures only) . We have also decided to allow the submissions to be posted here under this thread. Keep in mind that submissions will still be excepted via email or facebook. If you have any suggestions on how we can broaden the scope of this competition let your voices be heard,


Thank you much,

Rocket Propelled Games

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Nearing the end , only 5 days left to submit you entry for the mini painting contest before round 2 starts up. For clarification you may paint a mini other than a gnome wizard as long as it is a character you would expect to see in the tavern from the description in the newsletter. If you are not already subscribed to our newsletter , please send us an email at [email protected]


Issue 1 is shown above, issue 2 is scheduled for release by the end of the week. Issue 2 will be much longer with a lot more content ranging from painting tips for beginners, New items and creatures for roll playing games, as well as encounters, and information about what we are working on. Hope to see lots more great submissions.

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Here is my Evil Gnome.


I've converted his knife to a spanner with hand guard/hilt.


My photography is not good. I have a yellow light and a blue light and can't seem to get anything close to neutral. I think I'm going to get a light box and see what happens.


Hope you like the mini.



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Tomorrow at midnight PST, the first session of the contest will come to a close, so please send in your submissions as soon as possible to avoid missing the cutoff. If you are having problems or have any questions, PM me and I will do my best to answer what ever questions you may have

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Thanks to all of you who participated in the first round of the mini painting contest, we hope to see you all back for round 2. Round 1 has come to an end, for those that missed the opportunity fear not for round 2 begins with the release of the next issue of the newsletter with an entirely new theme.

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