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*OUTDATED* Put yourself on the Map (MiniPainters, Warlord Players, and CAV Players)


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So, I just like stalking people and all, and when I noticed the old thread on this was a dead link (Frappr shut down!? Surprisingly this is news to me XD ) I thought it might be a good idea to find an alternative to Frappr to use and I said such. Then I actually decided it would be easier to just do it myself and went off and did it.

Now, without further ado, I present you the link to the Reaper Map.



Active map:




It allows a maximum of 500 markers on it, but that shouldn't be too big of a problem any time soon, and if it is, there's some premium feature to change the maximum/disable it, so we'll open that tomb when we come to it.

You can put whatever you want in the Notes/Name/etc, pictures are allowed (and wanted, unless you're Matt, we don't need those.) and some people have been using the Notes to list their interests related to Miniatures (i.e. Painting, Wargames, Fetish, etc). That seems to make sense, so if ya want to make your marker more useful to people around you then you should probably do that.

If you're afraid of me stalking you, then you can just approximate your location instead or list your location as the city prison or whatever else. Now, can I get some Reaper love over here in the Pacific Northwest? I feel all alone :(

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I see someone already tried to vandalize the map with porns. I noticed it pretty fast and got it though, but on that subject, it seems that if it becomes a problem then I might just want to find some other people that are willing to check the markers recently added for anything that shouldn't be there...


So, to preempt that, anyone interested and willing to occasionally hop on the account and check for that kind of stuff, send me a PM and we'll see. I'll just want to make sure you're trustworthy first obviously.

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