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*OUTDATED* Put yourself on the Map (MiniPainters, Warlord Players, and CAV Players)


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I can't believe I'm the only Dutchman here xD


And I was kinda wondering how that island looks like where Buglips lives. Seems like it's pretty remote! :O


It's mostly uninhabited. The province as a whole encompasses the island plus the entirety of Labrador, and within that substantial square area there are a mere 500,000 of us. More than half of those live in the Metro area around my dot. The interior of the island is pretty much nothing but bear and bobcat.


Edit: when I placed my dot I did so on the zoomed out map, so if you zoom in it's in the wrong place. I'm actually further northeast, in a little place called Paradise. Which, due to atrociously poor suburban planning, most definitely does not live up to its name.

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Ohhhhh, you're Canadian. I understand now.







Well if you want to get really technical I'm a Brimericanewf, but it says Canadian on my passport. Such is the wonder of being born in a place that was a semi-autonomous British colonial Republic under de facto American administration that was absorbed by Canada.


'Splains why I get along with everybody, though. :-p

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You have to click just perfectly annoyingly enough...

There is a search window in the top middle of the map below the title 'Reaper Map (Click on map to add a marker)'

You can type your address and then click search. It will automatically pin it for you. :;):



I was referring to clicking on an existing pin, not adding your own pin

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