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*OUTDATED* Put yourself on the Map (MiniPainters, Warlord Players, and CAV Players)

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I am *still* the only one in Jersey.


There's a couple of us not that far away, though. Unless you're up by NYC, in which case that statement may not apply.


I was surprised to see how many people are in and around Baltimore.


Yeah, I do live closer to NYC than Pennsylvania. About an hour by train to the center of Manhattan, vs. a 3 hour drive to Philly.

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Greensboro NC here. Surprised by 2 things:


There's not more people in Charlotte and the Raleigh area. I expected to see more in Ashville too but I suppose most of the gamers/painters there haven't found their way here yet.


The eastern coast of the US is pretty full on that map. Seems to be the most active area- at least according to the map.



And on a personal note I'm completely jealous of all the people in the UK. I got to spend 5 WAY TOO SHORT days in London this summer and I'm ready to go back. I want to be able to spend a lot more time visiting more of the country and I want to spend more time in London. Spent some time in Paris and a few cities in Switzerland too.... would much rather be in the UK/London than Paris any day.

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I seem to have gone missing on the map... I know I put myself on it. Odd. But as I am derping pretty hard and can't find how to repin myself, I suppose it doesn't really matter! No one was especially close to me before and now the nearest person on the map is in Georgia. (There were others in 'Bama too when I last pinned myself, but they were a few hours away.)

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