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*OUTDATED* Put yourself on the Map (MiniPainters, Warlord Players, and CAV Players)

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Oh, you! You know I meant unfamiliar. xD If I were particularly skittish around strange people, I'd be permanently twitching around like our poor cat, who I can make go bottle-brush by simply walking out of my room at an hour she doesn't expect me to be ambulatory. I am absolutely strange myself. (Though I prefer the term 'odd'.)

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Well, I was gonna pin myself, but either the map doesn't like the Android browser and IE7(I'm at work), or I just can't figure out how to do it. It doesn't look like it really matters though. The closest pin to me is about 100 miles away in Pittsburgh though, so I doubt it would be of any real use anyways.


Guess it just comes with living in West Virginia. You get great woodlands and all the nature you could want, but you're pretty screwed if you want to just geek out and play tabletop stuff.

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I see I'm not the only one having problems posting myself to the map...


I cannot believe it, am I really the only player on this forum that is in Buffalo, New York? ::(:

There used to be at least 2. Not sure if they still post here though, since I've been MIA quite a bit myself.

People dropping off the map doesn't help either...

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