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Bones Video Comparison with Metal


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This has me really curious as to how the multipart miniatures are going to work. What would you use to glue the things together? Are they going to use less parts (i.e. can the Bones material create a larger mini than metal in the same mold?)?


That said I am just floored that he could bend that troll like that and not crack the paint! I saw a similar demo of this feature and it just amazes me. It looks like you'll get the durability of the old WotC D&D miniatures combined with the really awesome sculpts of Reaper and whatever paint level you care to bring! It is going to be a loooooooonnnnnngg wait until March!

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Super glue works great. I never tried styrene cement as I didn't have a lot of GW sprues around the office, go figure. :poke:


Repositioning is quick and painless, and weapons swaps with metal work extremely well.


I don't know if I can say this about the LE comparison, but here goes: The LE paint jobs look like pre-painted paint jobs, if you follow. Better than many other companies' pre-paints, but pre-paints all the same.


We've lately had some people posting much better paint jobs. Here are a couple:


Painted by Michael Proctor:



Painted by Adrift:



painted by Arlene Kennedy





The paint job makes a huge difference in perception. Comparing the plain figures to the Legendary Encounters pre-paints doesn't do them justice.

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The LE minis look.. well.. kinda sad. I guess it's better than Wizzle Kiddies' junk though.


Well I was posting it mostly to show the detail between a metal and a PVC mini are no different, though my photography skills are not that good, and the paint job can sometimes hide the detail.


The second link has an ogre I converted and I glued the sword on with superglue without pinning. Styrene glue will not work with these.



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