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Bones Video Comparison with Metal

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Great info, guys, thanks.


Good thing I always keep superglue handy for metals. I'm guessing considering he light weight of the materials pinning doesn't come up often, but I;d imagine with the elastic nature of the product it would work remarkably well if you drilled the hole just a teeny bit smaller than the pin to help it grip. Gotta be careful of lopsided metal conversions though. Normally too much metal on a hard plastic mini just results in a tippy unstable mini that can be fixed with a weighted base. These might actually bend if they;re too heavy on one side. Still, not something I see being a common problem.

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Well, D&D and Pathfinder have been using 1 inch grid maps and dungeon tiles for over a decade now, so the figures are sort of made for them. Some like the human, dwarf, some of the smaller orcs, kobolds, etc., are supposed to fit in one square while the ogres and the gnoll fit in 4 squares. If you read the Kickstarter carefully, there are mentions of "medium" and "large" sizes in RPG terms. Those are references to creature sizes in Pathfinder and D&D.

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You don't know the links to their original postings do you? I couldn't find them. ::(:




We've lately had some people posting much better paint jobs. Here are a couple:


Painted by Michael Proctor:



Painted by Adrift:



painted by Arlene Kennedy





The paint job makes a huge difference in perception. Comparing the plain figures to the Legendary Encounters pre-paints doesn't do them justice.

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