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Continous Miniature Exchange

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Trying to get a consensus on how many would be interested in doing a month to month Miniature Exchange. Show of hands, who is interested? It is not required that everyone participates every month, just simply send me a PM stating that you want to participate in the next months exchange. There is no obligation beyond the current months exchange.


PM me with




shipping address

What types of minis you want to do?

What types of minis you would like to get?


We would like to get things started by the end of the month, we will also be participating ourselves.


If you havnt already seen, we are also hosting a miniatures painting contest as well,

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This might be something I would be interested in if it was for feedback purposes as well as for fun. I'm participating in this months because it sounded neat, and it has been, but I've looked at some of the painting levels of others and now I'm pretty worried that maybe I should have stayed out. There is a lot of talent on this board and I would enjoy painting minis for others and then also getting their thoughts.


Maybe this is just me. I don't know, but there aren't any painters around here and I wish a lot of times I could have another painter to chat with and look at my work. And I would't mind throwing a few bucks at it each month if this were the case. I know we have the "show off" and "works in progress" threads but I'm terrible with pictures.


Anyways that's just my two cents.

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As long as you give it your best and your creative with it, I am sure whomever gets your mini will be happy with it, half the fun is in the surprise factor. We hope that you join us, it will be fun, and im sure people wont mind giving each other advice. While your at it check out our mini painting contests and terrain newsletter as well.


Happy painting,

Rocket Propelled Games

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I might be interested... I take it there is going to be a new one every month? I might not play every month, but maybe some of them.


Also, how do I get to your contest? I don't twitter and the facebook page doesn't show anything about a contest.

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A miniature exchange is where you are assigned a partner,and everyone picks out and sends a miniature to thier partner within a set time frame, what we mean by continuous is that we will renew the exchange each month for those that want to keep participating, and partners will be switched out


We already have this. The only difference is, it's offered every four months rather than every month (which is a more appropriate timeframe for most people). Check out the thread of the current iteration, "Winter Exchange," managed by recruittions.


It works quite well, and recruit is doing a bang-up job.

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