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Undertaker Level?


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Ok, so with all the focus on the Vampire Level and how awesome it is... Once you're sinking in a few hundred dollars, whats 200 more?


But I have a few questions.


1. Is Undertaker level for stores only so that us regular folk can't pledge it? I'm a little unclear on the "US/Canadian Stores Only". I'm not sure if that is meant to deter international orders due to the bulk, or non-store owners, or both. So can regular me go crazy or not?


2. The Undertaker level implies that you get 4 each of 59 minis - the new 30 and I guess 29 pre-existing Bones. I know some of the pre-exisiting Bones are the Dungeon pack, or the later add-ons Skeletons, and I see some others in the online store like the Minotaur. But I there doesn't seem to be enough to total 59. Is there a whole list somewhere?



3. Am I crazy for even considering this?

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1.Yes individuals can buy them I don't know about international.


2. The list is buried deep in the KS Discusion thread. Use the search option. Needless to say there are 59.


3. The Vampire as it stands is a better deal because you are getting more figures for free.

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1. No, it's not just for stores. They would prefer that you not pledge at that level if you aren't a store, but there's not much they can do to stop you. You probably won't be able to get your minis blistered or request the display racks from the Undertaker level unless you can prove you are a store.


2. Yes, there is a posted list in the main KS thread by ReaperClark.


3. No, you aren't crazy. However, as the Undertaker doesn't qualify for certain free stretch goals, you would actually receive more miniatures by pledging 3x the Vampire level at this point. Unless you are really hung up on getting your Bones minis blistered, the Vampire deal is better.



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I'm not a Reaper peep, but they've answered some of these before. I know it's hard to find the answers in that bazillion page thread, so I'll answer your questions as best I can.


1. Regular folk can pledge $300, but won't get the racks and signage. They can't change the little boxes on the right, but the image is up to date on their decision on that.

(Well, maybe you can get racks and signage. But you'd probably have to lie. You don't want to lie, do you? Besides, the signage is probably cardboard. Ick!)


2. There's a list somewhere. There's about half of those 29 minis you can buy now, and the other half are scheduled for release later on this year.

Also consider you are getting 4 each of 59 different minis, so don't look at a current pack and think "Oh! I get 12 zombies because it has 3 in the pack!" They may do special packaging of 1 per blister, or 4 per blister, or whatever strikes their fancy for this KS. Also the 3 dif rats, 3 dif kobolds, and 3 dif goblins are one-sprue critters, so one sprue = 1 mini. Basically an Undertaker gets a dungeon attack pack, and that counts for 3 of those 59 diff models/figurues.


3. Maybe. Especially considering that vampires actually get more for their money. I'll quote myself:

"Also if we do get to 1.3 mill, the vampire/undertaker ratio is now 168/152 for those who care."


But the Undertaker level does get 29 models that Vampire level does not. It's ideal though if you prefer fantasy minis, because Undertakers get no sci-fi stuff.


Personally, I plan on getting 1 Undertaker and 1 Vampire level, plus most options (pretty much $800). I may change my mind though. I can always resell the extra sci-fi stuff I don't want to get the Undertaker exclusives. Either way you cut it though, considering Sophie costs $25, your other $75 (Vamp or Undertaker) is getting you all those other minis for about 50 cents each.

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Thanks guys.


I hadn't realized that the Undertaker doesn't get the Chronoscope or IMEF Space Marine guys for free. And Since I could always pick up the Minotaur, the "this-is-not-a-mind-flayer" and whatever loose if I want them, I guess Vampire or double-Vampire does make more sense.


I'm going to have a paint session with some older metal minis I had picked up a while back tonight or tomorrow and if I don't kill myself on that practice run, I'll be dropping a few hundred Wednesday morning to make sure we reach the "this-is-not-Tiamat" final goal!

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Found the list, so here you go:


Released and available right now:

Skeletal Spear-man

Orc Archer

Orc Spearman

Cave Troll

Ogre Chieftain



Great Worm

Good Human Warrior



Dwarf Warrior

Gnoll Warrior





Not Released yet: Was scheduled for this year

Skeletal Swordsman

Skeletal Archer

Orc Swordsman

Elf Archer

Evil Human Fighter


Female Ranger


Giant Spider


Young Dragon

Vampire (female)



It might appear to some that the Orc Swordsman is already present in the 30 new releases, but I think the names are just the same. The scheduled one probably more resembles the Orc Spearman & Archer minis that are already released, the unarmored variety.

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Some one I know from the Order of the Stick forum hunted down what are likely the picts of the yet to be released minis that go with Undertaker.



Hope this helps!

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I was thinking of either reselling most of them on eBay or practicing painting with them.... or painting them first and then reselling them on eBay. Win/win. ^_^


Besides, you can never have too many skeletons, orcs, goblins, spiders, etc..


Yeah I've pretty much decided to get both. That way I get both the minis I do want and the minis I don't want from Undertaker.

If not, then I may end up having to pay $300 for the minis I do want. Why do that when I can get all 456 minis for $225? (My intention was always to get 2x each Sophie anyway).

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Some one I know from the Order of the Stick forum hunted down what are likely the picts of the yet to be released minis that go with Undertaker.


Yes, these are all models that already exist in the Legendary Encounters; Bones minis are just LE's without the paint. It made sense that these would be early on the Bones release schedule.



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Anyone care to do a final analysis of Vampire vs Undertaker. My pledge is right at Undertaker and I want Bathalians, but at this point I don't have an idea of what undertaker delivers/doesn't deliver? I was focused on Vampire the whole time. Does it have rebate-able Sophies, figure count, etc.



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Undertaker gets the dungeon attack set, but it counts as 3 (sprue of 3 = 1 figure) of the 59 different models. It's pretty much the same amount of critters when multiplied by 4.


All other minis count as 1 full figure, and are not on sprues like those are.

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