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what are you going to do with your kickstarter Bones?

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Just set them all up on the coffee table and MARVEL at them for a while, to begin with.

I'm going to dive into the box and swim around like Scrooge McDuck in his gold vault. Many of them are going to be NPCs in our ongoing enormous homebrew campaign. We're making up future encounters e

Pretty much decided that if I get a Vampire box with those faulty face moulds that people have pointed out, I can't be bothered reporting the problem to Reaper but am going to save them and paint them

I'm going to dive into the box and swim around like Scrooge McDuck in his gold vault. Many of them are going to be NPCs in our ongoing enormous homebrew campaign. We're making up future encounters every time we see a stretch goal revealed. I'll paint them. I'll enlist the household to paint them. I have to build shelves.

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All of the Dragons are getting painted up for my two year old son. He loves Dragons and Gargoyles. I am trying to price out a display case for his room between now and March. Time to start him on having his own stuff. By the time he is old enough to play RPGs and war games I will likely have several armies together for him.


The stuff that ties into Greek and Egyptian themes will get added to my Wargods armies. A bunch will get traded. The rest, who knows? And of course I am going in with other people, so I have no idea what their portions of things are for. Most of the base Vampire pledge is not for me.

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Some of the minis will go towards wargaming (marines!), but most of them will go towards kickstarting (dohoho) my RPG collection. Right now all my fantasy minis are from the Lord of the Rings line, and it's tough when the only elf options are a couple Legolas models or one of Elrond's sons (none of which work for spellcasters, for instance!) or when there are three different Aragorn models are running around because it's a fighter/ranger-heavy party.


Not to mention, every enemy seems to end up being orcs. How difficult! If only I had a huge collection of singleton adventurer minis so that my players could always get a model that looks like their character!


But seriously, I'm never going to be done painting them. So what am I going to do with my minis when I get them in March? Start painting!

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As I get them painted, they will largely replace the figures that I am using for my Dungeon Crawls. I already use a handful of LEs now, and they a) look good, and b) give me peace of mind, knowing that if someone drops one, there will be no damage (to the dungeon or the figure).


I even see it forcing me to perform a retool of one section; I've been contemplating a series of lava caves. The addition of the fire giants and the elementals to Bones pretty much guarantee that I will now build that section. It's also pretty certain that sometime in the not too distant future, Nethyrmaul will become the center piece of the dungeon.


You have no idea how much stress it causes me to tote Gauth (or Marthrangul, or Verocithrax, or whomever I bring) to a convention, especially one that isn't close. :unsure:



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Mostly paint practice. The skellies will make nice conversions though.

Also if I paint something and don't like it.. hey, I can easily resell it and get $2. ::D:


Edit: One of the nice things about Bones is you don't really have to factor in the cost of the mini when you consider selling a painted one. It'll be much easier for painters to make a name for themselves with Bones.

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  • Forum Mascot

After I've buried most of them


You . . . uh . . . you know that won't grow into Bones trees, right?


* imagines a Bones tree *


Okay, on the off chance that some of these Bones are enchanted like those beans I bought last year from that weird hermit guy, I think I'll try it anyway.

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Paint 'em. Use them in RPGs, if I ever game again. And I'm still considering making sure to get enough upright dragons for the 'Dragons Playing Poker' diorama that I keep threatening to do...

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Well, many of them are going into THE BOX to languish in darkness until I have a need for them. I may use them to practice.


The NOVAs and Marines are going to get converted for use with my Warhammer 40k stuff...I'm getting extras of both. Marines would make a good Space Marines Scout squad, or Imperial Guard Stormtroopers, the Novas could be allied IG maybe carapace-armored vets or stormies, etc.


I know a lot of people are going to be using a little of everything to make inquisitorial henchmen squads...which reminds me, we need another chronoscope pack, with one of those space orangutans! I need a Jakaro Weaponsmith.

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I hesitate to post this on a forum... where the idea could get copied before I have the time to bring it to completion... but maybe letting the idea run rampant would be good because it would probably take me a good amount of time before I could see it to furition.


But these dragon bones makes it easier and easier to pull off my 'Dragon Pimp', with the large Flava Flav platinum around the neck, a giant gold on a ring, and etc. Yeah, techincally all of these are evil dragon sculpts... but we aren't going to get that crazy on the details are we? :blink:

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