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what are you going to do with your kickstarter Bones?

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Heh. A good portion of my fantasy minis are actually likely to go into the reserve pile (it helps to have a few on hand for PC conversions), or be traded off with local friends who are more into the D&D scene than I am. The Clockwork Dragon is probably going to be one of the first I paint, and I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how I'm going to use it, save for perching it atop my PC tower, because I just love the concept. :) Next up will probably be the Jabberwock, because it'll be perfect for my games of Wonderland No More.


George the Zombie, the regular Zombie and the Zombie Hunters will likely join my collection of zombie-apoc characters and creatures for a zombie-apocalypse campaign I'm going to start running this autumn. I've already painted 50153 -- Berkeley, Zombie Survivor -- so I'll likely make a conversion out of that one. I know the minis won't be here in time for the start, but I anticipate that it'll likely last a while; with any luck, I'll get them in time to make a late arrival to the game. "George the Zombie" would also probably make a pretty good shambler for my Kroid force for Reich of the Dead.


Anything remotely steampunk or wild-western will join my queue of Deadlands (Savage Worlds) miniatures I'm still painting up. Anything piratey will be a bit late for my Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG campaign that I anticipate wrapping up in the next month or two ... but I'll still paint them anyway, because I'm bound to run another pirate campaign eventually.


The translucent Haunts are shoo-ins for my Savage Ghostbusters games I occasionally put together as impulsive one-shots. (I've got a whole box of translucent ghostly figures from various sources -- Dreamblade, HorrorClix, etc. -- that I use for the Spook of the Week, and these would be welcome additions.)


The IMEF troopers will join my already-painted IMEF team. I'll likely turn the extra Sarah Blitzer into a different specialist (perhaps a medic), and the extra Nick Stone into a pilot for my dropship I'm working on. The NOVA Corps will work great for station security. If by any chance there's anything that pops up in the stretch goals that could work for killer robots, alien invaders, crazed cyborgs, etc., those can be part of the opposing force. Otherwise, I've got tons of non-Reaper aliens, robots, etc., I could resort to if absolutely necessary -- although I'm tempted to hit the local friendly local game store once the Kickstarter is over this weekend, pick up some Cyber-Reavers and Anime Heroines, and try to convert something maybe half as cool as this:



("Terminator Progression," by Froggy the Great -- http://spielorjh.deviantart.com/ -- my favorite source of inspiration for conversions!)

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Just set them all up on the coffee table and MARVEL at them for a while, to begin with.

I'm going to dive into the box and swim around like Scrooge McDuck in his gold vault. Many of them are going to be NPCs in our ongoing enormous homebrew campaign. We're making up future encounters e

Pretty much decided that if I get a Vampire box with those faulty face moulds that people have pointed out, I can't be bothered reporting the problem to Reaper but am going to save them and paint them

I'll probably need to sell them on ebay to make up for the money I'm spending on KS miniatures...


In reality I don't know yet, but there's some really lovely gear that can't be passed up for the value! Certainly various miniatures are quite proxyable/customisable for various systems I do have though, or just to model - I do want to get more into just the painting side of the hobby as well, and all these one of collectables will be great practice and collectables.

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I'm using them as therapy for my impending ENS (empty nest syndrome).


We have a teen, who will not live at home forever, and previously did not have his own collection to take when that time arrives. The majority of our KS Loot will move out with him.

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I haven't really painted in probably 7 - 8 years. I had a couple of pieces back then that I really liked how they came out, I just sort of fell out of the habit. Now I have an inquisitive 4 year old running around and it's been impossible to keep everything out so that I can paint without having to spend loads of time setting everything up the way I like, then taking it all down again. But all of this goodness has inspired me to MAKE a place to start again. He never goes into the upstairs storage area, so I wil be reorganizing things to carve myself a painting corner. The plan is for the ridonkulous amount of work involved in making myself a painter's lair to distract me from the 6 months until the goods arrive. Also to finish my husband's Bloodbowl army and maybe paint my Sophie while I get back into the swing of things. I have a couple of lovely Reaper metal minis I got as a gift that I'm dying to try.


As to the pieces themselves being used in a game, my husband has a lot of plans for that. Me, I enjoy tabletop gaming but mostly I'm in this to paint. We're adding the Orcpocalypse to anything that is gobin or orc out of the Vampire package so that he can start a Warhammer Fantasy army. The various fantasy minis could be used in pretty much anything, as we do a lot of that sort of gaming. Anything Chronoscope or with a gun I will probably try to trade or sell to make up for all the extra stuff I couldn't resist since we don't do much of that sort of thing.


The thing I'm most looking forward to is the Undead Giant. I was going to attempt my first diorama with it, but man I thought the husband was going to cry because he wants it to use in gaming. There's gonna be some additions performed to it however. He can't take away all my fun dammit!

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What am I going to do with them? Depends on the bone.


The fantasy ones, especially the mooks and hordes...ideally, they're going to kickstart my desire to paint. Get these guys done up, get them based, find an appropriate case, and start using actual figures rather than chess pieces, D4, the tupperware quart of 'get this crap out of my store, I can't sell them at any price' WoTC pre-paints, and a pile of Hero Quest bits that survived the loss of the rest.


The extremely huge ones, especially Nethyrmaul and Wyrmgear (please, PLEASE adopt that as its official name), are going to be done up as mantlepieces, to be kept in my home and on display rather than used at the table [though they may make cameos, just so the players wet themselves and run away at least once], since I'm not dropping $100 each for transport capabilities.


The Not-space-marines and the NOVAs are going to get done up as some sort of sci-fi army, possibly as not-stormtroopers or not-mandalorians, for when my gaming group does a galaxy far, far away. At least one batch done up as a wholly unique faction. Maybe another batch done up as Shadowrun corporate security, or BSR-setting infantry. And now they've given me an idea for at least 3 dioramas, so the sci-fi soldiers are going to see a lot of use out of me beyond just the table. How many will be metal and how many plastic, I don't know. I already have the minigun guy and the sniper chick in metal, so at least one set will probably be metal.


The ones that could double as PCs or villains? I'm not sure yet. They'll probably get mixed in with the mountains of metal I have, and used as PCs and Villains...though the differences in weight are going to take a lot of getting used to, and might see them reserved for the pieces that are going to be handled, toppled, flicked, and tossed...but hopefully basing will discourage that for both plastic and pewter.


Either way...depending on how transport logistics work out, this should finally give me an excuse to upgrade my transport setup...and more importantly, to organize it by something other than height. Keep all my big stompy robots together, all the monsters together [and grouped by type...a tray of Orcs, a tray of Undead, etc], 'good'-looking together, 'evil'-looking together, etc.

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