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what are you going to do with your kickstarter Bones?

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Just set them all up on the coffee table and MARVEL at them for a while, to begin with.

I'm going to dive into the box and swim around like Scrooge McDuck in his gold vault. Many of them are going to be NPCs in our ongoing enormous homebrew campaign. We're making up future encounters e

Pretty much decided that if I get a Vampire box with those faulty face moulds that people have pointed out, I can't be bothered reporting the problem to Reaper but am going to save them and paint them

Diorama-making raises an interesting point, though. I'm loathe to chop up my metals, but I'd be significantly more likely to use Bones for conversions or dioramas.

Of course! Not to mention that it's SO MUCH EASIER to cut through semisoft plastic than it is to cut through metal @[email protected]

I don't want to have to buy anything more than my modeling razor!

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I'll be building a ton of 'Song of Blade warbands with the Bones figures. These figures and those rules were made for each other in dark heaven.


Once I get a clear mind after this awesome kickstart, I'll be doing up some playing card size stat cards for each figure in the range. By next March I should have all of them done, ready for release!



- always edits for spelling :(

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I am going to take my new Bones minis, and all my other minis and put them in a large pile in the middle of the room. And then I will paint myself all in gold, place a horned helm on my head, drink a bunch of vodka, and lay atop the pile.


Occasionally I'll try to light my bleches on fire to complete the effect.


I'm sure I'll slumber there until an unruly band comes to try to take my minis from me, but I will best them... unless one of them is shorter than average and possesses a very precious ring.

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So many uses for the Bones!

I'm going to try putting together an all-Bones HeroQuest set, some Song of Blades and Heroes warbands, the IMEF marines and NOVA troopers are going to be fighting converted cultists from the new 40k starter in games of Combat Zone, there will be at least one new Warlord army out of this (two if we get frost giant warriors), some (like the dragon slayer) will be painted up for the hell of it and the mimic will be converted into "the luggage" on my lady's request.

Oh! And some new heroes and villains for SuperSystem.

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Honestly? I'll put them all on my work table and wonder what I got myself into. After the shock has subsided, the "mooks" will go into ziploc "twist and lock" containers I use to transport plastic mook minis to gaming. They'll be eventually painted. The remainder will go into bins of some sort to await their spot in the paint queue.

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I'm trying to figure out how to make use of Biker Sophie for RPGs. Minus the wings, she could be a biker with some exotic fashion tastes, but then at that point the model isn't all that special, and I'd really need a STANDING version to be of much use for games. Are there any models that might be suitable as a base point for representing a standing Biker Sophie (with some amount of conversion)? "Peaches, Biker Girl" doesn't really look anything like Sophie, but at least she's got a jacket. Green-stuffing bell-bottom pants/chaps and a dew-rag on Sophie to get a closer match might be a bit on the extreme side.

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Most of mine are going on the shelf at Dragon Snack Games to be sold, thank you Undertaker level. I did increase my pledge to get a Vampire level (as well as other add-ons) for myself though...


I'm going to dive into the box and swim around like Scrooge McDuck in his gold vault.

My first thought as well. At least they won't be as painful as the metal ones...




Well, many of them are going into THE BOX to languish in darkness until I have a need for them.

This is probably a fate my personal ones will be subjected too, sadly enough...


Next up will probably be the Jabberwock, because it'll be perfect for my games of Wonderland No More.

If the rumored WNM/Cthulhu mashup ever takes place in my store, I will be painting up the Jabberwock for it...


We have a teen, who will not live at home forever...

This can't be the little one who had such a fascination with my paints in an egg container. He CAN'T be that old yet...

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