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what are you going to do with your kickstarter Bones?

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This can't be the little one who had such a fascination with my paints in an egg container. He CAN'T be that old yet...

yep, that would be the one. Sweet Wm turned 13 on Friday July 13th and spent the day ghost hunting at Alcatraz. I know this means I have time with him here at home still, but I plan ahead.

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Just set them all up on the coffee table and MARVEL at them for a while, to begin with.

I'm going to dive into the box and swim around like Scrooge McDuck in his gold vault. Many of them are going to be NPCs in our ongoing enormous homebrew campaign. We're making up future encounters e

Pretty much decided that if I get a Vampire box with those faulty face moulds that people have pointed out, I can't be bothered reporting the problem to Reaper but am going to save them and paint them

So I've been tossing ideas about in my head for a long time about running a campaign where the main enemy race is sea based (Sahaugin, I think?) - I ended up pledging for a couple copies of the Deep Dwellers.


I wasn't necessarily going to add the Mythos monsters into that.


Then Cthulu was added, and I saw that as a sign that it had to be... ended up pledging for both that huge model and going back to pick up the Mythos pack.

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Thinking of running a Greyhawk campaign using SavageWorlds rules with most. The undead will join my Warlord army. The modern stuff will be used for various games including 40k, Tomorrow's War, and anything else that comes to mind.


Sophie is going to moonlight in a 40k Slaanesh army as a daemonette on steed.

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I'm going to hock the chronoscope stuff to someone who wants it more (for a bit of cash if I can help it), use the characters as, well, characters, and allow my future DM, whoever that may be, to use the monsters for their campaign if they don't have enough miniatures of their own. If I do that, someone else has to bring the food and drinks, and I become less disposable.

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First painting, of course, then they join the thousands of other minis I use for RPGs (mostly playing Pathfinder at the moment)

Ditto. I'm looking forward to having some custom painted, legendary monsters against whom my players will battle.

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(closes eyes)


I see... yes, I see.... the mists are parting... the future, the dark future... becomes clearer.... closer... yes, a picture is forming.... it's March... late March... there have been delays, but nothing major.... and across the land, packages are arriving... yes... I see a thousand Facebook posts, with a thousand Facebook brethren posting pictures on their feeds of dinner tables and coffee tables clustered thickly with little white figurines... I see someone's baby looking dubiously at Cthulhu.... I see Arachne frolicking around her living room, throwing her Bones in the air and letting them hit her on the head as they come down...


...of course, in real life, she'll probably have clothes on when she does this, but it's MY psychic vision, and I'll do with it as I like... :devil:


...boy, this post's got a lot of likes since I first wrote it. Wonder if anyone's told Arachne about it? Prolly best not to...

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I'm trying to figure out how to make use of Biker Sophie for RPGs. Minus the wings, she could be a biker with some exotic fashion tastes, but then at that point the model isn't all that special, and I'd really need a STANDING version to be of much use for games. Are there any models that might be suitable as a base point for representing a standing Biker Sophie (with some amount of conversion)? "Peaches, Biker Girl" doesn't really look anything like Sophie, but at least she's got a jacket. Green-stuffing bell-bottom pants/chaps and a dew-rag on Sophie to get a closer match might be a bit on the extreme side.

01513 Reapercon Biker Sophie, if you can find one... From what I can see, the outfits are a bit different, but it's probably the closest match.
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Mine will receive custom paint jobs to match the campaign setting I've been developing for years.... been a thorn in my side that all the pre-painted minis I own never look right for the scenes I describe, and I was not gonna shell out the hundreds it would take to get an army of metal minis (have a host of shabby ones from my teenage years that I'm too lazy to re-paint)... solution $130 and I'll have every mini I ever need! HURRAY!! LOVE YOU REAPER.


I my world orcs are pale grey, elves are green, ogres are dark brown, etc etc...

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      Be interesting to see if this lives up to itself.
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