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what are you going to do with your kickstarter Bones?


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Giggle maniacally while unpacking all the lovely miniatures. Then start cursing as I spend weeks trimming flash off them. Then it's a mix of painting and more cursing as I find other flash/mold lines that I somehow missed first time around. Usually after I've painted the area.


Finally try and come up with a Bones/Monopoly game.

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I'll be painting most of them up for myself to be used when I play Pathfinder- especially when I'm DMing.


The IMEF marines and Nova guys are going to be painted up and sold as alternate Space Marine models.


I'm going to need to stock up on super glue before these things arrive!

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1. Paint (hopefully)

2. Populate my Heroquest revamped modular dungeon



I'll also use them for regular roleplaying games, I play a number of fantasy based settings including Stormbringer, Warhammer Fantasy, and D&D. The Chromoscopes and Novas though I feel are perfect for Shadowrun. So, while I wasn't in love with the the Sci-fi bones at first I'm actually quite excited to get back into the setting now.


I made my original post prior to the release of the Cthulhu figure so now I can add "Call of Cthulhu" to the list. Also picking up a set of Deep Ones and later wil most likely track down a purple worm. So many games, so little time.

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Now that my group has divided up the bones we purchased (virtually of course) I have a better idea what I'm getting.


Most will be used for Song of Blades and Heroes warbands. I've been mostly running elf and forest dweller (animals mostly) warbands, but now I'll be able to make warbands (6-11 figs usually) of:

-Mystic travelers (pathfinders and others)

-Evil Warriors (Evil heroes and a few others)

-Heroic human Fighters (Heroes, etc)

-A mixed warband of all the classic fantasy tropes (mostly from the 30 new bones section)

-A Fire Giant Warband

-I'll be able to add a griffon and Bugbear and a few of the small familiars to my animal warbands.

Many of the above will hopefully see action in "Fanticide" also when I pick that up.


Still not sure what I'll do with Ebonwrath, but I don't have a large dragon yet and this seemed like a good time to get one.


The 3 sets of Nova troopers and two nova sgt's will be getting a red and blue paint scheme and faceplate helmet heads from Pig Iron and be painted as Cobra Vipers for use in Tomorrow's War and WarEngine.


The Zombie fighters, Chronoscope cowboys, Cloaked pistol hero and others will be incorporated into my post-apoc warbands for Wastelands Meltdown


So I've got quite a bit of painting coming up in March. (plenty to keep me busy until then though...) Splitting Vampire with 3 other friends means that there are a number of figs that I didn't get that I'd like, but I purchased only a few upgrades so 65+ figs is a much more manageable number to paint than 200 or so. I'm quite happy with what I got as I ended up with almost nothing that I wasn't excited about.


As for the actual painting process, my club recently started having marathon painting evenings so that should push things along. Still, with other painting and terrain projects also in the queue, it's unlikely that they will all be painted within a year.

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Song of Blades and Heroes will cover every miniature in KS.


It comes with premade profiles that cover most of the miniatures in the KS. However, the real advantage of SBH is that they have a free online Warband creator that allows you to stat up and point cost any fantasy miniature you can think of based on stats and special rules (attributes).



SBH includes special rules that cover the attributes of most any fantasy charachters, but one of the main reasons to also buy the supplements is that they contain additional special rules to give more charachter variation to your warband.


Hit the link in my sig for lots of SBH battle reports.

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I know a lot of people are going to be using a little of everything to make inquisitorial henchmen squads...which reminds me, we need another chronoscope pack, with one of those space orangutans! I need a Jakaro Weaponsmith.

That is freak'n ingenious! Consider your idea officially stolen errr borrowed.


Mine are going towards a project with my dungeon molds to build a replacement for my Warhammer Quest dungeon. Unfortunately I forgot to look at Gencon for a used (or new) second edition rule book to see what changes have happened with the RAGE system.


Oh yeah and some kind of zombie stuff. Not sure what but as someone who doesn't own any zombie movies yet I have hundreds and hundreds of zombie figures from different game systems something has to give.

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Never joined the forum until now but have been a huge Reaper fan since I started painting minis a year ago.

I was really glad to meet the fine folks behind them at PAX East this year, super awesome people!!!


I was so pumped up to be able to support them via a kickstarter :)


I am going to paint all the minis. I only play fantasy games (aka D&D), but I am going to paint everyone of them anyways. I know I will spend more time on the Klocke classics, and other female minis. Bugs and skeletons will get airbrushed and highlighted faster. Dragons will be the most time consuming...

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