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The Miniature Training Diet (For Us KickStarter Peeps)

Thes Hunter

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Well my method involves some strict new self (wife) imposed (stern faces) rules (the law hath been laid down to me):


1) I can't spend anymore money in miniatures unless:

2) I have to sell of loads of my "collection" (addiction to new shiny)




I have the same self imposed rules... but the gender is swapped. Guys don't let yourself be fooled, and gaming spouse won't always permit one to expand their collections to the infinite extent the fantastic little models seem to compel us to want to. Well, especially if one of those spouses actually looks at things like retirement savings and silly things like that. :lol:


I can only buy more if I sell other stuff to make money (and room) for the new stuff. And now with the goal of actually trying to paint all of this in my lifetime, there are some things I just will never get around to painting. ::D:




And now, some picts of a few pieces that came off the shelf of shame via this process. They won't get their own threads because of the number of layers of paint on them, sometimes giving them weird looking faces and such.



02552 Elisha Lights Edge





02326 Britta, War Maiden





02946 Neroli, Female Half-Orc







02981 Lonnia, Female Duelist





02725 Alaine, Female Paladin



14093 Finari, Crusaders Hero




And the pictures are smaller here because I'm worried about download speed, yeah yeah, that's the ticket... it has nothing to do about hiding how ugly the faces actually are. :)


The next 3 images are me using various old minis or other crap I didn't want to throw away, but I didn't feel like painting for reals. So they have become statues to place in my dungeons.








What do you guys think, and I'd love to see photos of the stuff other peeps have done preparing for our Bones shipments!

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Humm.. this really has me thinking. I know my GW orcs and goblins are not even close , (but I am using them in my current E2 game. That makes them exempt .) then there is a couple hundred dark elves that need love, and bretonion and empire pieces too . SMH .. then a full RP Dark Sun Set , A couple large dragons . a huge number of other stuff too . Plastic sure, metal tons. I am just finishing up A couple of Krinshars .. I got my hands full. .. Now being I am new to this forum and not sure how all the wonderful gadgets work.. Any one want to tell me the short and easy of how to post picts directly to the forum?

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DarkVizor, very cool. Love the painted background and the red eyes on the guys.




Ok here are a few more pictures of the progress I have made on my backlog of unpainted minis.


post-4341-0-60225800-1364260171.jpg post-4341-0-62793600-1364260172.jpg

(If anyone knows what mini this is, I'd greatly appreciate it. I thought it was a Reaper, but can't find it. I could have gotten it in some random lot of old minis though, so it's anyone's guess then)


post-4341-0-23895800-1364260598.jpg post-4341-0-21408800-1364260600.jpg


Now some Games Workshop

post-4341-0-25305900-1364260184.jpg post-4341-0-21557400-1364260185.jpg post-4341-0-41335300-1364260186.jpg




post-4341-0-94772200-1364260219.jpg post-4341-0-26440600-1364260221.jpg post-4341-0-10382600-1364260222.jpg


post-4341-0-20777000-1364260238.jpg post-4341-0-88034600-1364260238.jpg


post-4341-0-94388300-1364260525.jpg post-4341-0-68419300-1364260526.jpg


post-4341-0-79025800-1364260527.jpg post-4341-0-18829000-1364260529.jpg


post-4341-0-49431900-1364260660.jpg post-4341-0-32155300-1364260661.jpg post-4341-0-46008300-1364260662.jpgpost-4341-0-22010200-1364260663.jpg post-4341-0-13956300-1364260664.jpg post-4341-0-08520700-1364260665.jpg


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Why yes Moon they are or should I say where billidums ogre mauraders ... Now they are brokenfangs bugbear fist . Thanks tess i got a few different backgounds painted out. I been painting a long time . This last year I picked up the brushes again first time in probly 5-6 years. I hit phases now though some weeks I paint ten maybe 15 pieces some weeks I don't even finish one . I got some great ones and I find I really like this forum .

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Having started work on the Snakeman Warrior (Bones), I can appreciate your snake all the more, Thes Hunter! Awesome job!


Also, your female undead (several posts up) was the Deathmistress from early in the Dark Heavens line, before she was in the multi-pack that Vulture pointed out. It took some digging to find her, but I knew I recognized her from my old Reaper catalogs... ::P:

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