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Upgrading orders *after* Saturday...


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So let me ask a stupid question and shame on me for doing it. I was off in lala land apparently and did not pay attention to the kickstarter at all. Once i noticed it on the forum I thought hmm I'll check that out but it was already over (I generally just frequent the CAV area). If I wanted to pledge something after the fact (thinking of $100) would I be able to do so? If not I get it but I had to ask.

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Yeah, from what's been said so far the Reaper Pledge Manager will allow new Vampire pledges, but the stated cost was $150 if you didn't get in on the Kickstarter. That's still 240 miniatures for $100. Options will be available at a 20% mark up from their Kickstarter price (which itself was about half retail).

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I need to set expectations. This will not be released to the public on Saturday.



Campaign closes.

We breathe for a day or so.

We email you a survey so you can verify your shipping address and email (go ahead and whitelist [email protected] now)

We load your pledge data from Kickstarter into our system.

THEN we email you a link so you can go in and manage the fiddly bits.


Am I giving you a date? No. But it'll be as soon as I can get it live and bug-free.


The above post leads me to believe that if i have not pledged anything, then I will not be able to access the pledge manager to make an order. Is this correct?

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The most recent comment on Update #58 on the kickstarter:




Creator Reaper Miniatures about 23 hours ago

Yes, if you are a Bones Kickstarter backer you will be able to raise your pledge level to Vampire.

Yes, if you pledge enough for both Liche and Vampire you will be able to select both.

If you only pledged at the Liche Level you can switch to Vampire and spent your extra $10 on options, Or, you can add $100 and get both Liche and Vampire Levels.

Yes, if you did not pledge Vampire and don't upgrade to Vampire, you can still get the options and

extras but they will cost you about 20% more rounded up to the nearest dollar over what is listed here.

Yes you can swap Sophie for other options with a credit of $25, but you can't use it for shipping. You can't use the Sophie trade to reduce you Vampire Level's cost.

No, you can not swap out any other portion of the base Vampire Level for other options.

No you can't get singles, substitute groupings or sub-groups other than what is already listed.

We are going to send another update soon with this and more information. One key element will be if you did not pledge at all and want to still get involved, you will have to enter at the Vampire Level and it will be $150 and not $100 as a base price. It's going to retail at $500 so it will still be a great deal. You will also have to pay the extra 20% for the options and extras. Pledging during the campaign has it's privileges. We are sorry if you missed it.

I think I covered everything you've asked.

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