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No more faction books?


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Overall, the game related information in those faction books is no longer relevant with the release of Warlord 2.0


But, some people still try and get the books for the fluff part. Actually, I think I will see what the possibles are of converting it to electronic form and getting it added to the reapergames site (if its not there already).

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The faction books were cool for the fluff. You don't need them now.


You can buy the Warlord 2 rulebook and have enough gaming for the rest of your natural life. Add Savage North to the mix and you have even more.


Warlord is a game that will outlive many others. It is not a flash in the pan, but a long slow burn. Once you get a few close gaming buddies in, you can enjoy the game for many years, and not have to keep up with the latest build, or newest army roster. You'll just keep buying out all the troops for the different forces, which are so varied already, and have painting to last a long time.


I'm still painting slower than I'm fielding, with primed models on the table, and having a blast.


The game is great fun.

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