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    • By Pingo
      So I have gotten comments like this now and again:
      and again:
      so I thought I would start a thread to talk some about how I paint, because it works pretty well for me and maybe what I've learned and practiced can help other people too.
      How I paint miniatures is grounded in how I paint paintings, so that's what I'm going to talk about here.
      I have a series of WIP photos from a recent painting which I will use to demonstrate.
      This is the finished painting:

      "Nurturing the Phoenix", oil paint on wooden panel, approx. 18"x24" (would have to pull it out of the painting closet and measure to check)
    • By Garnfellow
      I am preparing to paint the nifty Reaper Bones nabassu demon, and I am struck by the art from the Pathfinder Bestiary. However, it occurs to me I have no idea how to get that bleached out reddish/purplish effect. I've got a pretty decent collection of Reaper paints, but I am strictly a basecoat-wash-drybrush highlights-details guy. I can't seem to get a lighter shade of red without it becoming orange or (worse) Pepto-bismol pink, and this guy definitely shouldn't be pink.
      How should I tackle this mini? I really don't even know where to start to get that color effect.
    • By SplotchyInk
      I was painting a Bones stone golem for a game, and I attempted to give it a kind of tree bark looking texture or some kind of wood texture because... frankly they didn't have the miniature I was looking for in stock.  My first thought was to attempt to make it look like muscle, but painting it in wood colors to make it look organic kind of like Groot.  Though I scrapped that and tried a generic bark texture.  Now it looks more like rust on iron in my opinion, so i finished it for now.

      What would you have done to attempt to make this guy look more 'wooden'.

    • By NewbiePainter216
      This thread is designed to advice to disabled people in the hobby. In starting this thread a free exchange of solutions are offered to those posting with difficulties in painting.
      Starting off ...I am new to painting and disabled. My Cerebral Palsy makes holding minis somewhat difficult while painting. Admitidlly, my CP is mild compared to most but fine muscle and motor control is a problem. Thus far, many suggested in my other post, http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/52019-getting-started/ the use of poster puddy stuck on a graspable surface (upside mud, pill bottle, and wooden doll) tends to work best.
      Bracing your brush hand against the table's edge is another idea that has been offered. I am curious to try it when my figures come in next week.
      For those who cannot hold the brush, a thought I had was a duplicate to the above but add your brush to the buddy.
      Are there any other ideas or methods that you can suggest?
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