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Basing Bone miniatures

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Do you recommend trying to remove the broccoli base off of the Bones miniatures before basing, or adding gluing the broccoli base to the "main" main and then adding basing materials like sand, static grass, etc. over the whole thing?


Depends. I did on the Battle Golem but on my Townsfolk I bulk out the brocoli base to what ever I'm glueing them to.

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It depends what you are basing on.


If you are going for the washer or flat plywood or plastic bases then I would leave the broccoli base on and build up around it. There are some great examples around the place of minis where this has been done.


Obviously if you are rebasing on a resin scenic base you need to remove the broccoli base, fortunately this is easy to do.

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I am planning on going "all in" for fender washer basing. As far as fender washers are concerned, would you recommend using 7/8" and not 1" width washers? My minis are for gaming and I ask because I assume 1" washers don't leave any room for error at all on a 1" grid.




I'd use 7/8", but get soome 1" for figurses that need it,

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