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What were YOUR Bones Kickstarter choices?


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Let's see, what did I end up with?



Fire Giant King & Queen


Ice Giant King & Queen

There Be Dragons


Undead Giant

Pathfinder Red Dragon

Clockwork Dragon

Spider Centaurs

Fire Giant Warriors

Frost Worm

Forces of Nature




And about $15 unallocated at this point. I might go in for the Manors sculpts and throw in an extra $2 for Deep Dwellers.

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Have not made final desisions


Vampire x 2 { Trading in both sophies}

Ebonwrath x 1

There Be Dragons x 1

Demons x 1

Deathsleet x 1

Undead Giant x 1

Clockwork x 2 ( buddy wants one two)

Spider Centaurs x 1

Frost Wyrm x 1

Pathfinder Jabberwock x 1 (maybe)

Deep Dwellers x 1

Nethyrmaul x 1

Hydra x 1 (maybe)

Kaladrax x 5 (1 for me, rest likely gifts)

Cthulhu x 5 (1 for me, rest likely gifts)

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I'll be honest - not sure what to get... after stripping out Sophie AND with the $75 extra I added to my pledge, I have $100 in extras.


I AM extremely tempted by the paints - I don't know why as a) I have a BUNCH of paints (I used to do a lot of Battletech painting) b) I don't have anything resembling the time I'd need to get into it in a big way.


The Case is attractive, simply because I will have 240+ figures AND about 30 or so D&D figures. I do on the other hand have about 600+ starwars minis'.


Then there is the Giants and Demons - I simply don't have any. Dragons I can get from my Castle Ravenloft and Wrath of Asalarlon but giants I lack... I can see myself getting ALL the Giant options plus the Mind your Manors.


However at the end of the day, I'll see where the mood takes me and what options the Bid Manager opens - the embedded video says it will have some additional features that people will like and I am hoping its the ability to buy singles and/or from their existing Bones catalog... and if that happens? I may just fork out another $30-50 via paypal.

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Bones are supposed to be pretty durable, even when painted. Why not just keep them in a bucket?
Tossed in a bucket, painted bones probably still have a chance of losing some paint. Besides I don't plan on segregating my painted mins. Reapers, Grenadiers, GWs, Parthas and Wizkids all have to share the toolbox.
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I went for 2 x 'vampire'


2 Jabberwoks

4 of the fishmen sets (I love these)

One of pretty much everything else with the exception of some of the live dragons, which don't really do it for me. I also didn't go for the Orcapocalypse offer

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