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What were YOUR Bones Kickstarter choices?


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Top Posters In This Topic

4x Vampire

1x each option except deep dwellers

1 extra Mind your manors, undead giant, forces of nature

1 Orcopolis

1 paint set w/the inks in it (3, I think)


Debating on adding more options :) Depends on how long I can strech it out before I'd have to pay...

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2x Vampire (-2 Sophies)

1x Demons

1x Clockwork Dragon

1x Paint set 1

1x Paint set 3

1x Deep Dwellers

1x Pathfinder Red Dragon

1x Fire Giant royals

1x Ice Giant royals

1x Fire Giant Warriors

1x Undead Giant

1x Frost Wurm

1x Forces of Nature

1x Mythos Monsters

1x Hydra

1x Kaladrax Reborn

1x Cthulhu

1x Nethyrmaul

1x figure case


Might drop a bit more to get an extra Clockwork Dragon. I have plans to paint the first one using the 5 colors of PF/DnD Metallic Dragons (brass, copper, bronze, silver, gold) as a sort of hodge-podge mechanical monster.

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Currently my selection is:

Vampire Pledge

There be dragons


Undead Giant

Clockwork Dragon

Paint Set 2

Figure Case

IMEF Marines


Exchange Sophie

Mind your Manors

Ice Giant King & Queen

Frost Wyrm





but I'm honestly trying to decide if I want 20 extra orcs or maybe a couple different options instead.


Decisions, decisions.

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Hmm so many folks ditching Sophie...


I'm in for:

Vampire including Sophie.


Kaladrax Reborn


Clockwork Dragon

Pathfinder Red Dragon


Still debating picking up an extra Cthulu and Clockwork Dragon and maybe some extra goblins when the pledge manager comes out.

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All the adds except the Giant skeleton, the paints, and the case.


And after the kickstart manager starts

Another Vampire for my wife says as it rolling to a close I wish I could have bought in for my Uncle Richard. I told her that she should have said something sooner, and then remember the manager.

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This Kickstarter was my first serious jump into the world of painting minis (I have a few pre-paints and have played Pathfinder quite a bit with tokens and/or minis). And I went all in:

2x Vampire

One of every option

Paints 1, 2, and 3.

I can't wait for stuff to come! I picked up some of the dwarves from Stonehaven, so I'm going to have a veritable army by the time summer 2013 comes around.

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If I remember correctly, I'm looking at something like


Vampire x2

-2 Sophies



Clockwork Dragon

Mythos Monsters

Mr. Bones


Fire Giant King & Queen

Frost Giant King & Queen

Fire Giant Warriors x2

Spider Warriors x2

Forces of Nature x2


I THINK that's all of them

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I went Vampire base, plus paint sets 1 and 3. I'm still undecided on some of the options:

Chtulhu is a definite. Then I'm trying to decide between...


There be dragons - I love the scaled one, the smooth one... eh.

Elementals - The Stone one rocks (though the dino skeleton is kinda cheesy)

Darksleet - Nice pose, but not sure if I'd rather have a bigger monster for $10.

Mind your Manors - I LOVE the Gnoll archer and the Ogre, but the Ettin I could pass on.

Undead Giant - It's... a big skeleton. What's not to love?

Clockwork Dragon - Love the sculpt, but I have no clue where I'd work this into a campaign.


I have roughly 40 to spend... unless I can tweak some more cash out of my wife. :)

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2 x Vampire Levels (- Sophies)

1 x Clockwork Dragon

1 x Spider Centaurs

1 x Nethyrmaul

1 x Kaladrax Reborn

1 x C'thulu

1 x Golem


Paint Set 1

Paint Set 3


Debating the following

1 x Hydra

or 2 x Deep Dwellers

or 1 x Forces of Nature

or 1 x Spider Centaur + Griffon



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I'd go Forces of Nature. You can use them in lots of different settings (comic book RPGs, heck even shadowrun has elementals). The Deep Dwellers have three awesome fishies, but I don't often go underwater in my campaigns. (Though if I got some of those, I might add an underground lake.)


The hydra is a staple but I like my hydra's necks long and unwieldy. The two spider centaurs that match are cool but I wish the Spider queen's legs matched. Two griffons should be enough :)

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