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What were YOUR Bones Kickstarter choices?


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Depending on if the statement of they are charging 20% extra for the options if you didn't make a KS pledge because you were late to the party will determine how many options I will get. I would like to buy one of each of every miniature and most likely will but we will see what happens in relation to the 20%.

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My current plan:



Four vampire levels (only one with Sophie)

1 set of fire giants

1 Ebonwrath

1 set of frost giants

3 sets of Mind Your Manors

1 set of There Be Dragons

1 set of Demons

1 Deathsleet

2 Undead Giants

2 sets of Mythos Monsters

2 Clockwork Dragons

1 Pathfinder Dragon

2 sets of Spider Centaurs

2 sets of Fire Giant Warriors

2 sets of Forces of Nature

1 Frost Wyrm

1 Jabberwock

4 sets of Deep Dwellers

1 Nethyrmaul

2 Hydras

1 Kaladrax

1 Cthulhu

1 extra set of Swamp Things

1 of each paint set

1 Orcpocalypse

2 cases


May change my mind and go with one case, and use the extra for another Mind Your Manors and There Be Dragons.

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