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So, has anyone actually played the game? I bought the witch hunters pack when Confrontation was still 95% on the otherside of the pond, so the little rulebook that comes with the minis is in french, and thus unreadable. (Not *all* Canucks are bilingual!)


In a local shop the otherday, and they had a copy of the rulebook (a thin 8.5x11 book) and was wondering if anyone here has played the rules. If so, any comments? I am espeiually interested in comparisons between it, Warlord and Warhammer. (Face it, Warhammer is the most played and best known in the mini war game market - like it or not.)


Here's hoping that Warlord topples the giant!

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confrontation is a d-6 skirmished based minis game.



if you have the rules download for warlord. then it is safe to say that the game is similar.



the neat thing about it is the combat. wich the specifics at this time escape me because my sugar is low and i can't think :rolleyes:


one other point about it. it's fun. also there are additional rules that let the game evolve.


confrontation,divination.plus one other that i can't think of. each new set of rules allows you to use magic,and priestly type spells,etc. I like it cause you can start small and then add magic to your game,and then add cleric type stuff,and pretty soon you have some pretty powerful dudes on the table.


also keep in mind all of this builds up to the big game "RAGNAROK" wich is like the big brother to confrontation. at this time to my knowledge the Ragnarok rules are not written yet.


since I live in the armpit of the nation it is hard as hell to get anyone around me to


carry the game. but if I could get my hands on a few minis I wuld play the griffons for damn sure.


oh and one more thing. yes the wolfen are awesome,and yes they kick like major butt,but don't be a power player.those dudes just suck big ones.


as for the fluff of the game(story) i think it's pretty damn good.

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I know there is a Confrontation yahoo group that discusses the rules and everyone on in that group is patient for peeps new to the game. I don't have the link readily in front of me but I have a pretty english translated set of rules.




Griffons huh? i would pit alchamist against ya. That would be a fun fight.



and I agree with the Wolfen. To have a fun face off you would either have to be of the opposing wolfen clan or the orcs.




hope you find people to play the game with, only some of the minis gamers around hear have heard of it and less are interested in playing.



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