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03201: Damian Helthorne, Bandit (by Tre Manor)


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I bought this mini about a year ago, just because I really like the sculpt. It's a Reaper Miniature, sculpted by Tre Manor. I went ahead and gave him a large base insert, so he can be used for a D&D PC (subject to "Enlarge Person"). I hope you like him!









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MG, that is sick . . .


First off I love the idea of making a larger base with insert area for when the character is enlarged, its the little things like that which make models stand out especially in a gaming group.


Next up the Boar design is fantastic as the comic-esque style helps bring out the eyes and tusks on a small mini and instantly make the model distinguisgable.


Also, is that NMM (non metal metal) that I spy on that sword? I've always considered NMM the hardest thing to do in painting minis.


Lastly I prefer your heavy handed shading/contrast style to more subtle schemes/blending as soon on the boots and cloak on 28mm as it makes them seem more dynamic and colorful.

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Thank you, folks!


I've been basing all my fighter figures with enlarge-ready bases since early last year (Neroli, Deladrin, Draconid). It works out really well on the gaming table.


Regarding the freehand, I really surprised myself with that one. I can usually do geometric patterns well, but this is the first time I've painted something like this that actually turned out well. I found a picture online by doing a Google Images search for "painted shield". I sketched it on paper with a pencil, and divided it into geometrically shaped areas that I then very lightly painted onto the shield. This helped me get the proportions correct when I filled in the details. Jen Haley describes the technique here.


Regarding the metallics, yes, it is all NMM. I find true metallics very difficult, and usually fall back on NMM, because it's easier. :) Metalchaos, I always add a bit of blue to my NMM shading to give it a more steely look.


Hawker, my husband had no comment. :)


Finally, regarding the style, I thought the sculpt lent itself well to a high-contrast, comic-book style. He is a very exaggerated figure, with those giant hands, craggy face, stocky body, and outrageous mustache!


Finally, thank you all once again for your very kind words!

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