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ReaperBryan Interview, or Why we got the PDFs

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I personally would like to see the demise of DMs using different color starbursts to represent different monsters. It's unimaginative, causes players to focus on their favorite flavor instead and is unhealthy. A lot of these guys (me included) are diabetic.


Help us out here Reaper with cheap monsters :)

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I thought folk might be interested in this Podcast from 'TheNerdHerders', where Bryan talks about the Kickstarter process now the first part is over   He also explains why we had the PDFs that some

I wasn't disappointed with the PDFs. Just ambivalent. True neutral, you might say. They could have had twice as many, or none at all.   I mean, really though, after the Cyber-Monkey and the Cloc

* at Casa De Buglips *   Me: "Responding to the horn call of Morbruk the Horrid, a skirmish line of ten Ogres appears from the treeline!"   * puts miniatures on table *   Player 1: "How come o

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If you ever want to drive people out of their minds, even though they know better, get a candy dish and put it in the middle of the table. Then fill it with gem dice. They'll know it's not candy, but it will still tempt them every time they look at it.

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As a DM, this KS was like a dream come true! I got monster hordes! I got Boss Monsters! I got henchmen and towns folk! And all those hero figures, they wont be wasted either.


On game night when two players can't make it, the party is mid dungeon and now the adventuring party is underpowered to face the remaining foes....


"When we left off last time your party had just cleared the guard room, while your backs were turned two of your comrades triggered a trap. You turned just in time to see their heads disappear through a magic portal in the floor. Your all so startled and spooked by the sudden loss that none of you notice a hidden door slides open and the guard captain bearing a wickedly notched axe and two goblins burst in and quickly close ground on you. But even in the midst of surprise and confusion you can hear cries for help from the newly revealed room."


Heroes need not be wasted. I need NPCs too.



I think it's time that I implement a game club dues policy. $5 a month from each player ought to cover it I think. :)

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Yeah, I think that in Bones, at least, Reaper's going to see a lot more monster sales. But I can't blame them for being conservative. This is, after all, the first time they've done this. Right now, they're going with a formula they know works. They'll adjust it as they get more sales numbers in.


Well said.


What I find interesting is that Reaper's sales data indicates there is a bigger market focusing on the players rather than the GMs. Most of the wargming mini companies out there seem to want to focus on selling 3, 4, 6 or more boxes of the same figures to each buyer, rather than selling 1 box to 10 times as many people.


One thing I do know about Reaper though is that they will pay attention to their sales data, and react accordingly. If, as we suspect, the ratio of PC to monster types closes the gap in the sales of the Bones line, then we'll likely see more monsters in the future.


I think the best thing we KS supporters can do now to insure more monsters in Bones is to make sure that we paint up and show off our monster figures first when we get them, so that people will think Bones=Monsters, and look to Bones first when looking for monsters.

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