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warlords dungeon crawl?

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There is nothing official for this. Several of us have developed slightly modified Warlord rulesets that we use to host our own events (I know that at least Heisler, Castlebuilder,and myself all have something we work from). If you found a pdf of one for a previous version of Warlord, you should be able to update it fairly easily to Warlord 2.


I can't speak specifically to the details of what the other guys do, but I can tell you for my dungeon crawls, I only strip out a handful of things (no army/troop composition rules apply), I run initiative on an around-the-table system instead of by draw cards, and add action types for things like picking up treasure, picking locks, and opening doors. Everything else is pretty much whatever fluff you want to use to give the dungeon the feel you want.



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