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Case or Paints?


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FWIW, if you want an inexpensive miniatures case, Plano makes a very inexpensive pistol case that works well. (I also use that case for speedlights for photography.)


Just picked up five of these at walmart for $11.97 each.


Bonus: you know you live in a redneck town when the cashier doesn't blink at five gun cases being purchased at once.


As it should be.



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Tackle boxes & tool boxes work great. I line mine with sticky back felt and then a small ball of fiberfill/batting (the stuff you make pillows with). Unless you are flipping the box on it's side and lid the minis stay well protected. For figures that are larger or have delicate pieces attached, like dragon wings, get a box with foam and cut out the figure shape in it. You can easily find open cell foam at fabric stores like Jo Ann's. You could also check your local furniture refinisher and ask for their scraps of open cell foam.

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If you have plenty of paints, and like to organize, I suggest you get a case. Otherwise get paints. : )


I'm getting both 'cause I don't think I have enough paints though I have boxes of various paints I barely used,

and I like to keep things organized when I get a chance. 100+ figures are going to be in my case jail, exciting! :B):

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Cases, don't get me wrong I own a GW case and two (2) Chessex cases but most of my cases are bought at WalMart or yard sales. See the examples below.




A Plano lure case with foam packing.







Another Plano case. I took sheet foam and cut it to line the storage compartments.




A reel case that I picked up at a yard sale for $5.




An equipment case that was going to be thrown out after the equipment was installed in the lab. There were 3 of them. I gave 2 of them to guys in my gaming group.

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That's why I have two full sets of Pro Paint, a full set of Coat D'Arms, and I'm working on a set of old Partha Paint.


Who sells Partha Paint please? Those are my favorite but I only have a few. They have lasted for decades without drying out.


I'll PM you in a sec.


no secrets here

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Label says non toxic.


I stand by my words.



**** This may be exacerbated by my tendency to refer to colors as "flavours".


**** Still probably won't make Imperial Purple taste like Grape





**** Awfully tempted to try, though. Awfully tempted.


Pardon my vehemence, but GAH!


Look, IRL I'm a professionally trained artist and an amateur (no degree in it) student of health hazards and the legalese mumbo-jumbo words that wrap around them. I am horrified by how often I run across people assuming that "non-toxic" = "safe."


"Non-toxic" has no legally binding meaning!


You cannot rely on it as an assurance of safety.


Although the term "toxic" has a legal definition, the term "non-toxic" does not, and "it is used indiscriminately in the marketplace." (http://seventhgenera...oxic-definition)


"There is no organization that verifies the use of “non-toxic” other than the company manufacturing or marketing the product. While CPSC [the Consumer Product Safety Commission] requires some products to display hazard labeling, it conducts no oversight or enforcement of the use of the term "non-toxic." (http://www.greenerch...cfm?LabelID=131)


In other words, "non-toxic" is as reliable a label as "all-natural" or "healthier-looking." And nobody is overseeing use of the term.


All "non-toxic" means is that the substance has not yet been labelled "toxic." It doesn't even have to have been tested!


Please, for the sake of your health and future, do not equate paint with food coloring.

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I use a tacklebox and cheap plastic boxes like this:




These sorts of boxes can be picked up for a few bucks at discount stores and are more than large enough to hold medium sized models.


My in-laws also got me a great "tackle bag" (on the right) last year that came with 4 trays which have rounded bottoms making them even better for carrying minis.



At $30 Australian in Aldi stores they are a great buy for gamers if you can find them (Aussies check you local Aldi as they are supposed to be instock now.)


In essence cheap solutions for carrying minis are readily available, but cheap high quality paint is hard to get. So get the paint if you must choose between paint and case.

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Excessive consumption of MSP gives you diarrhea and funny colored poo.


I don't think anyone is encouraging their consumption.


Most of the flavor jokes are from long time Forum members. Flavored MSP has been a running joke since their inception 6+ years ago. It was started by some of us that are notorious brush lickers who noted MSP are not horrible unlike many paints and a little seasoning or flavoring would make them perfect.

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