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Honestly I have a backlog of some 500 figures to paint. When I get the bones kickstarter that will add another 300. So for some of the figures (mostly duplicates of metals i already have) I though of painting a solid color, adding a wash to pop details and then sealing. These would be my minions.


I think some of the figs would look nice in a metallic bronze or copper. But also greens for orcs and zombies, tan for skeletons etc.


Any recommendations on paint? I'm thinking the stuff has to be somewhat flexible when dry, so does that rule out enamels?

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Might take a look at the Tamiya spray paints. While you can spray them without primer. I never do. They've got a great line up of colors to choose from as well. (granted most of them are tailored toward their models, some are generic colors).



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