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Have some post KS money burning a hole in your pocket?

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Me either. But I did jump on this kickstarter before I saw the Reaper KS, so thankfully, I got in on both.


DreamForge-Games is moving their line from resin to plastic. Injection molded with metal tooling even. Of specific coolness is the Leviathan Crusader, a good "titan-ic" piloted robot stand-in.The designs are pretty cool and might be of interest to anyone of a Sci-Fi leaning. Link below!


DreamForge Kickstarter


Have a look!

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That presupposes that I have any money remaining in my pocket....


Well, I did put a question mark at the end of the subject. Sadly, I have a friend starting a kickstarter in the next couple weeks, more money I want to throw at Reaper when the pledge manager comes up, and a little more I'd like to add to the above mentioned project. I'm not sure what comes after broke, but I'm almost there!

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