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I'll tell you the story that popped into my mind the very instant I saw that concept art. It was like a key that unlocked a door, and I got a peek beyond.   I would only ever use this miniature onc

I disagree. I think it's a perfect gaming pose precisely because it's a poor traditional gaming pose. If I put that on the table, people will crack jokes.   8 rounds later when half the party is o

We already sort of do that, except instead of a bagpipe we just fill a kobold up with beans and squeeze 'im.   Also, kilts are not pants so I'll bring that to our leader. Which is me. You'd think

I really hope her pose is modified for the actual model,


Unless something drastic happens, it won't. I saw the metal master at Reaper this past Saturday; as she is well past the concept art stage, she's not going to be changed unless there is a production issue. And even if that were the case, changes at that stage are rarely big ones, like a different pose. That's a whole different sculpt at that point. Sorry you don't like here. I think the sculpt looks really nice.




Shakakhan, can you give us an idea of the scale vs templar since it was never in a graphic? After all storm giants are supposed to be around 21' tall, the giant mini should be roughly 3 times the height of templar.


She is roughly 2 and a half times taller in her pose. If she were to stand up, she would be about 3 to 3 and a half times taller. I hope this helps.

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I wanna see! I wanna see! Oh god I want to see it SO BAAAAAADDDDDD.


Other than the cybermonkey and wyrmgear, this is my MUST HAVE.


Who has a picture? Somebody must! I'll take hostages. Don't think I won't! I've got . . . uh . . . this box of crackers!




And I'm gonna snap them one by one into little crumbs until I see some Cloud Giant master models all up in here.


And just to let you know I'm serious?



* snap *


* crunch * *crunch * * munch *


There's twenty more where that came from.

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The concept sketches for the storm giants look really good, but does the female giant have to be in the stripper pose?

Something about the pose seemed a little off to me too. While a combat stance would have been preferable this one is okay. When compared to the male storm giant counterpart it made allot more sense. He's running around with the (about the same) leg and more chest exposure. Also his loin cloth is shorter than hers so the dress/kilt comparisons apply. So there isn't anything conceptually off with the concept art. Further going off on the tangent I don't think there is any suspicious message being presented either. If the model had been released by itself the case would have been different.


At least we aren't seeing the weird weapon/pole-dance sculpt Rackham had when Confrontation was still being made in metal.

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Cruel and heartless. May the screams of the tortured cascade into a symphony that lulls me to sleep this night.


I see.


Wanna play hardball, huh?



Now I'm just gonna have to work over some cheese with this here knife, y'see? And when I'm through, this little Swiss ain't gonna be pretty no more.

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