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I'll tell you the story that popped into my mind the very instant I saw that concept art. It was like a key that unlocked a door, and I got a peek beyond.   I would only ever use this miniature onc

I disagree. I think it's a perfect gaming pose precisely because it's a poor traditional gaming pose. If I put that on the table, people will crack jokes.   8 rounds later when half the party is o

We already sort of do that, except instead of a bagpipe we just fill a kobold up with beans and squeeze 'im.   Also, kilts are not pants so I'll bring that to our leader. Which is me. You'd think

There will follow youtube links to a Virtual Tour of the shop, but it goes like this:

A sculptor begins with a green. This green is pressed into a rubber mold, from which we cast copies. This mold is called a Pattern Mold, and typically contains 4-8 different greens. These copies are cleaned and adapted to become perfect replicas of the green (removing mold lines, tool marks, etc). These become our Masters.


Masters, in a typical miniature, are then used to replicate our Production Molds, which have 8-16 copies of the same figure. When we make something, we make it in volume. For the Bones figures, the Master is sent to be laser scanned, for cutting into a steel injection mold. We use the metal Master for this so that we can replace it if it is lost or damaged - we cannot replace a green if it is damaged, as it is a one-of-a-kind Original piece of art.


I'm almost afraid to bring up the subject of digital again, but I'm genuinely curious. With the "laser scan -> CNC" step in there couldn't you laser scan the green and just archive the digital mesh, as well as sending it off for the production molds? Presumably you could copy/paste the mesh to make an 8-16 model production mold. You'd miss out on those awesome metal masters, but I suppose the greens could be painted and put in the museum. Or for that matter, the mesh could drive an in house CNC process from which rubber molds could be pulled to do metal casts.

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Storm Giant green is up. (also, the two lizard men)






He's awesome - and the lizzies are fantastic.


Now, I didn't know if I'd like the Storm Giant dude. I was half expecting him to look like the fire/frost ones. Surprise! - I don't like those (see? I'm full of secrets). I just didn't see any point in, I dunno, creating a thread to complain about 3 or 4 sculpts I'm not fussy about from my gigantic pile of incoming Bones that other people seem to enjoy.


And, hell, since I'm all confessional - I don't even like the Ogre I'm doing for the group WIP. Mind blown? I'm still painting two of them, and perhaps I'll learn to love him. But if he wasn't the popular choice for the Group WIP I'd never have bought him - bones or not.


But I like this Stormy, and I lurv them lizardmens.

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