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Er ... How old is this forum anyway? (Can't find old threads)

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I saw someone say this forum is ten years old now. And when I look at the forum's main page, it says (for example) that there are 4866 topics in "Off-Topic Rampancy."


But when I looked at "Off-Topic Rampancy," there were only two pages of threads, 38 topics plus two stickies, no older than July 30th, 2012. When I clicked on "Load more topics" it said "No more topics."


Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I've messed up my settings? I just joined, and I had hoped to read old threads and get a sense of this place.


EDIT: I just checked "Mini Exchanges and Paint Contests," and I can only see 9 threads (and two stickies) out of the 324 the main message board page says are there.

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There's a setting for each sub-board that requires you to set how far back, default is 30 days, you want the forum to display.


Thank you. That seems to have been the problem.

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