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Bones and Green and Glues

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Legos grip too hard. Why not magnetic bases and a small piece of steel?


I know some historical wargamers who do something like this; They use washers for basing, and build magnetic sheeting (The same stuff they print fridge magnets on) Into the movement tray.


I'm just wondering if something like this could be an 'off the shelf' solution.

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I'm a huge fan of LEGO and have even used them in wargaming...


... but I wouldn't use them for basing.


The problem is the "clutch power" LEGO bricks -and especially LEGO plates- hold together quite well. The amount of effort required to pull them apart is nearly -and perhaps more- than the amount of force that could disloge the miniatures from their bases, chip paint, break parts off, etc. It's really a not-good idea.


Magnetic basing on the other hand is a well established method that is very nearly "off the shelf". I have a friend who does this for all his fantasy ministures (he has hundreds).


There are two ways to do it.


1) Steel sheet at the bottom of the tray (or storage box) and magnetic bases.

There are companies like Litko that will make magnetic bases for you and cut sheets of metal to the size you require. This method tends to be a bit more expensive, but is very "off-the-shelf".


2) Steel washers for bases and magnetic sheet at the bottom of the tray or box.

This is a bit more DIY because you have to buy the magnet sheet and cut it yourself. Also, using washers means that your bases will not be the typical slotta plinths that everyone else has. Also, you need to tape over the hole in the washer before you texture it. Still, it's really cheap and many folks like the way that the thinness of the washers blends the texture of the base into the table. This is the method that my friend uses.


Steel washers are used by many gamers, even some who don't magnitize their storage boxes.

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As long as you store them properly and treat them with the same respect you give metal or plastic figs, durability shouldn't be an issue. If you're just dumping them in a box like a batch of D&D prepaints, then it's time to reevaluate your miniature storage system.


Its not a great problem to just dump them into a plastic box. Try it, then you will see that no special care is necessary. I do this since I bought my first LE minis years ago and had never any problem (no breaks and no damage) with my painted Bones. (of course I tread the storage box like a responsible adult, dont shake it heftily or throw it through the room)

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