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Group WIPs interest?

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Does anybody who has to order it think it'll take more than 2 weeks? If not, then I suggest we start the group WIP thread on the 20th or 21st. That should be enough time for things to get in order, maybe? Just don't want half the people to be finished before other people have a chance to even start.

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Sounds like a great idea, a more participatory version of what I'm doing at Studio McVey's forum, since they're swamped with the post-KS launch and the community isn't as active or large as here.


Ordering the Ogre Cheftain! And you know I need free shipping, soo......which Bathalians don't I have yet....


Good way to get a Bones preview, too.



77005: Ogre Chieftain

03614: Eregris Darkfathom, Evil High Sea Priest

03135: B'thuhl, Bathalian Pirate

50206: Professor Kraken



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If they have the Ogre Chieftain at my FLGS I'll be in.


I'm in. My husbandish needs to work on his painting skills too and with the 600++++++++++++++ Bones we'll be getting in March I think we both need to get comfy with plastic. We'll get ours in the Bones model. (along with some other things to "save on postage" of course) ^_^


What does "FLGS" mean??

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Right now the Bones Ogre Chieftain is the #6 most sold figure- would be awesomely funny if this thread and painting lesson could make it #1.


Out of curiosity, where are the learn to paint kits? I can only seem to find the individual bottles. :(

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