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What is Warlord style of play ?


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Ok so I'm going to work on building a coherent force or 3 (thanks to the Bones KS this is going ot be pretty simple).


However it leaves me with a question; does base shape matter?


I have a personal preference for Round bases, but Warlord minis come with square ones. Is this actually going to matter to game play?

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This is a question that has been asked several times before, and the short answer is yes.


The long answer is that the base shape of a model changes how many base contacts can be achieved. The Warlord points formula for datacards accounts for this as part of the calculations for just how much certain abilities should cost on a model. How much does it matter? It's hard to say, as the costing difference is going to vary depending on exactly what combination of SAs a model has. In most cases, it probably doesn't represent a huge gap, but there are several cases I can think of where the difference would like be great enough to grant a noticeable edge for some models over others.


The bottom line is that if you and your opponent are ok with it, and you never have any intention to play in an official WL tournament, then you could probably base on rounds without too much issue.



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