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How many of you would like to assemble your own bones ?


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  1. 1. Would you like to assemble your Bones yourself?

    • I would prefer to assemble my Bones myself.
    • I like Bacon.
    • I don't have an opinion on this topic but like to push buttons.
    • My dog buried my Bones.
    • I would prefer to purchase my Bones preassembled.
    • Reaper Bryan deserves more Hot Wings.
    • I would prefer to only assemble larger Bones Models myself.

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I have gamer friends who got vampire level since they felt as DM's they could finally buy minis they could try and paint but did have to go through the "horrible" prep that goes into metal minis.


I paint metal minis, and I love them and all the work I put into them.

However... I got Bones as a fast fun project for people to slap around on the game board. I do not want to glue together 300 miniatures.

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I think the complaints are getting absurd, and that maybe a few people could work on being a little less difficult to please.

My god, it's like the ultimate army man pack. I'll be giggling like a schoolchild when that box comes. And more than likely lying on the kitchen floor making them fight each other.   pew-pew! rra

/waits for Buglips to come in and comment that he is not people, but a goblin.

I'm sure the KS minis will come assembled.


If at some time the Bones line switches to unassembled, there will be plenty of notice.


I have not seen anything in KS to indicate either assembled or not; but then there is a lot of text out there :)


The vampire set contains mostly medium figs, which could be one piece. But most of the larger add ons are likely multi piece casts. Hopefully at least those will come in pieces. Certainly, I do not think anyone expects KS Sophie to be a single cast item.

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But there was enough info around during the KS to suggest they would be pre-assembled (excepy maybe bits like wings on big dragons that make packing tricky)


I can understand, and would not be too unhappy, if parts like wings on the really big figures were not assembled. I can understand why something like that would have to be done.


Certainly, I do not think anyone expects KS Sophie to be a single cast item.


Yes, I was aware that one was metal, and I expected it to be unassembled.


As for the dragons and other large ones, I guess I assumed they would be like the recent D&D minis. I never bought those - I'm not a fan of collectible minis, either - but I saw pretty large dragons that were preassembled. Again, I realize it's my fault for making that kind of assumption.

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I'm for the pre-assembled. I bought a CRAP TON of them based on skipping a lot of the prep and primer. If I have to prep and prime them, I seriously doubt I'll ever use them. Apart from the larger ones which I sort of expect things like the demon's wings to need attaching, I don't want to do any of that. I want to plunk them down, slap some paint on them and, once dry, start war gaming. I'm no artist, nor good with tiny figures - like the other guy, these are the first minis I've bought in over a decade. Hopefully Reaper will chime in on this one :)

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I wonder if Reaper could poll KS supporters directly through the KS updates? I would imagine that most who would answer the poll here would be happy to have them come unassembled, but I also imagine a lot of the newbs won't have signed up for the forums. My guess is that a lot of KS supporters may be new to minis, and not have too much interest in assembling them. I know preassembled would aggravate those who love working with minis, but I'm guessing Reaper may have tapped a new and different type of audience with Bones.

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I paint metal minis, and I love them and all the work I put into them.

However... I got Bones as a fast fun project for people to slap around on the game board. I do not want to glue together 300 miniatures.


My thoughts exactly.


Also, with pre-assembled figures I know I've got all the bits. I can't imagine sorting through 200 baggies of white plastic and counting arms to make sure nothing was mis-packaged. And if it was, what can Reaper do? With metal, at least they can cast up the bit for you and put it in the mail the next day. With Bones, it'd have to come from China.

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My apologies. I didn't mean to alarm people who were banking on pre-assembled minis.


Everything I've seen indicates that Reaper does plan to pre-assemble them. I only responded because the question was brought up.


I'm afraid I was being fussy. I like to assemble my minis, but not so much as to cause trouble for these guys.

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