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How many of you would like to assemble your own bones ?



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  1. 1. Would you like to assemble your Bones yourself?

    • I would prefer to assemble my Bones myself.
    • I like Bacon.
    • I don't have an opinion on this topic but like to push buttons.
    • My dog buried my Bones.
    • I would prefer to purchase my Bones preassembled.
    • Reaper Bryan deserves more Hot Wings.
    • I would prefer to only assemble larger Bones Models myself.

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Honestly, how many figures are we talking about where this matters? Aren't most of the smaller Bones one-piece sculpts anyway? Personally, I like building minis, but that doesn't really matter here, does it? I don't expect to have that kind of decision with respect to delivery of my pledge rewards. What I do expect is to get a good product in my hands, regardless of price. If ~$.50 buys me a cool figure, then it's a great bargain; if I get a shoddy piece of junk, it's just a waste of money, period.


For me, it will come down to two things:

1) If I get a piece where the assembler has disfigured (no pun intended) the model by using a giant blob of glue, then I consider it to be manufacturing defect, and I would expect a replacement, in the usual, reasonable ways of returning a product. Otherwise, I got a model I can use, and everything's fine.


2) If having e.g. Rautheros' wings pre-glued makes it unreasonably difficult to paint parts of the model, I consider that to be a design defect. Despite being "easy" models, they're also billed as easy to paint. I expect to be able to paint them without having to cut off an arm that could have just been delivered unglued. These are not pre-paints, so I don't see why someone should take an extreme position on them working "out of the box".


For what it's worth, I also don't support the "we've always done it this way" idea. These models represent a big change to the character of the Bones line, and it seems entirely sensible to rethink this decision on a model-by-model - and part-by part! - basis. If Rautheros comes with the body, legs, arms, etc. as one part, is it really that bad to ask people to buy a $1 bottle of krazy glue and stick the wing pegs in their sockets?


Again, I don't expect the pledge manager to have checkboxes to choose whether each figure is shipped "whole" or "pieces". I don't even expect (although I guess this arrangement would be ideal) a checkbox to choose whether the whole order arrives in "easy mode" or "giant sack of individual unassembled Bones molecules". What I expect is to get some nice Reaper Miniatures, but part of that is being able to treat them as such, and not as throwaway toys.


- H8

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One thing I found about Bones is that they're are SO flexible, you can actually massively bend any part, painted or not, out of the way to get to other parts of the model. I pinned my dwarf's arm behind his back while working on mold lines along his ribs. Fantastic convenience. I wouldn't worry about #2.

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I don't mind that the smaller figures are preassembled.


What I hope is that now that Reaper the feedback from everyone, they can work with thier current supplier to improve the QC on the preassembled ones. Of the 4 Bones figures I have, 2 were preassembled and both of those had issues similar to what others have mentioned.


The larger figures... Please give us the option to assemble them ourselves.

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And It looks like the Self Assemblers have scored a victory. Clockwork dragon is going to come assembly required. And maybe I just hadn't noticed before, but Reaper is now getting insistent on calling thier stuff a model kit.

Just a reminder' date=' we make model kits for people to work with and paint, not finished toys. If we release this guy in L.E,. as prepainted, he will get all kinds of painted details added.[/quote']
Once again' date=' it's a model kit meant to be worked on and painted/decals applied, not a finished toy



Everything we make is a model kit... it's what we do.[/quote']

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A few posters mentioned how the original metals had optional pieces you could swap with the mini, and the Bones doesn't, since they're pre-assembled. For the urban and Chronoscope miniatures, I see the problem -- in sf and horror games, you don't want every hero miniature holding a weapon!

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Unassembled. Every time. On the sprue, or runners, or whatever if neccesary, just as long as it's unassembled.


Sorry, but a miniature assembled by your own fair hand will always be produced with more care than a miniature assembled in a factory by someone with a tube of superglue and a quota to fill.

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