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How many of you would like to assemble your own bones ?



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  1. 1. Would you like to assemble your Bones yourself?

    • I would prefer to assemble my Bones myself.
    • I like Bacon.
    • I don't have an opinion on this topic but like to push buttons.
    • My dog buried my Bones.
    • I would prefer to purchase my Bones preassembled.
    • Reaper Bryan deserves more Hot Wings.
    • I would prefer to only assemble larger Bones Models myself.

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I got the Vampire box, the big 3, and a giant skeleton. The Big 3 and the giant skeleton came unassembled.


The only things that were not pre-assembled in the vampire box were the griffon and the coffin. I don't know how many things were pre-assembled, because with the exception of the owlbear I haven't noticed any gaps/seams. I say that's a pretty big success.

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While I'd like to assemble them all myself, I get that the point of Bones was to be as pre-assembled as possible. I haven't gotten to any of the glued stuff in my Vampire box except the Eye Beast (which was glued very well but is going to be a pain to paint its mouth) but I don't expect this, or even a bad glue job will put me off.


I think Bones is a product that fills a few different gaps in the hobby/gamer market quite well and their decisions were likely made by looking closely at the market they were targeting. They have satisfied the needs of us hobbyists here for a long time now, its time we share Reaper with those who don't prefer metal, self assembly and/or paint!

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I prefer to assemble my own miniatures, but I am a miniatures hobbyist. We, here on the Reaper boards, are a pretty self-selected lot in this regard.


I'm actually pretty happy with the breakdown we got with the KS. The small miniatures that are relatively easy to paint after assembly are pre-glued, but the giant monsters like C'thulu and Kaladrax are in multiple parts, making for easier cleanup, conversion and paint. (I voted for bacon because... Bacon!)


I accept that the broader market wants more of a table-ready product. Bones are targeted at mass production, not the specialty hobby market. I am psyched that Kickstarter has brought us both.

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Yeah, I still get all the reasons for doing it. Well, at least with the original batch. I'm just wondering if now, with some 200 SKUs, it might be more trouble than it's worth.


But it might be more that only some (like the eye beast and faceless horror) should not be pre-assembled, but most of the rest could.

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I think at this point I've changed my opinion. when I first voted on this last year I said I'd rather buy Bones pre-assembled. But now I'd rather assemble them myself, as long as there are only a few easy to assemble pieces (which is true of all or most Bones so far). I'd rather make sure myself that the pieces are well-fitted together before they are glued rather than having to accept gaps in the joints or having to disassemble and then re-assemble.

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