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anarchist bunny


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So I was cleanin out my garage and stumbled upon a whole big box of figures. this one was begging me to start painting again.

well its a start and the desire to paint is coming back.


So what does it need,beside the base




thanks for looking

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Some subtle highlights on the Anarchist "A" would help it to pop. I would also outline the freehand there. It will make a world of difference.


I also second a good wash and then some Highlights would really help the fur.


Earrings as a conversion would be easy and look great on the mini, maybe some small spikes on his wrist band and/or collar as well.


Do something with the eyes too. At least a dot, but eyes as big as that really need some love.


Also you might want to do something to separate the inner ear from the outer. Maybe darker? You would need to look up some photos to get ideas there.


He lacks whiskers, but I imagine they were burned off some time ago. Maybe you could dirty up the nose a bit, or at least darken where the whiskers could have been.



Edit: I reread what I typed and forgot to say a few things... I like your color choices! The shirt and the "A" are great choices. I also love the look of the "A". It looks like it was spray painted on. If you do try some outlines on the "A" make them real subtle. Thin and us an orange VERY close but maybe a bit darker than the original color for the "A".


Also you might want to darken the color around the nose an mouth just slightly. That will help set it apart from the eyes. Not too much mind you, the look you have is great and you shouldn't change it!

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It looks like there's already a wash in play. If so, maybe some thin glazes of a darker brown to shade or darkline: he could use some darker shadows to add dimension to his arms, and so on. A little bit of shadow in his ears, a little under his bulging eyebrows, a bit in his armpits and under his biceps, and darklining between his clothes and fur. Defintiely add some very strong darklining between brass knuckles and actual knuckles.


EDIT: Reaper brown liner, thinned, is an obvious candidate for this.

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Yaaaahhhh! Scary bunny there. ;D Those dot-pupil eyes do a great job of making this guy look intense, deranged, and menacing despite the goofy bunny features.


On the base, I'd recommend using some putty or air-dry clay to try to blend in the edges of the metal base with that of the plastic base underneath, so it doesn't have the "pasted to a slottabase" look. Since his toes are visibly folded over the edges of the original metal base, that limits your options for blending, so I'd imagine that the finished base should probably be painted up and flocked in an "outdoors" scheme -- e.g., ground, grass, and rocks, or else "rubble" if you want more of an urban look, depending on the setting. (Come to think of it, "urban ruin" or "trash heap" would probably fit better with the rabbit's garb.)

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thanks fo the advice,

spikes on the collar and ear rings are possible (need to get scupting putty).


did get a little more done on his body fur and I did lighten the fur in his ears a bit messed up the "A" and had to redo

well this is it so far



again thanks for the input

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It's driving me crazy trying to figure out what line this bunny is from. Do you happen to remember? I don't think he's a TMNT.

I think it was from Dark Horse Miniatures but I'm not sure, I know I bought him between 1986 and 1989. There is no markings on the bottom at all. Might have been for one of the generic games about tthat time.


I like the further detail on the eyes! Is that just my imagination, or do they look a little bloodshot now?

Thank you, The eyes are a little blood shot. Just a very thin ink wash

I'll try to get him finished this week

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Get some brass wire for the earrings. I think that would look better then putty.


Also, maybe one of those pliers for making loops & such. If your ambitious about hat part. Drill out the holes & insert the wires for a true loop. If not then a C loop will work as well.

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