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September Roll Call

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I got a couple dozen figures done last month...


The BIG thing I'm trying to finish this month is a Jagdpanzer IV L/70(V) for the Panzer IV contest at www.track-link.net. This is the first of such contests I've ever entered, an while I am under no aspersions I will win, it's worth the shot. Plus it gives me an incentive to get things done... :)


For the kit, I am using the old Italeri JpzIV kit. This goes back to the old days of 1/35 modeling, back when Tamiya was king of the heap and Italeri was a brash upstart. The kit is, however, pretty dire. It all fits together, so that's fine, but it has a lot of inaccuracies and needs a lot of stuff replaced. I'm also doing a very early version with zimmerit (supplied by Cavalier), and using bits and pieces left over from better detailed Dragon kits. This is very much making a silk purse from a sow's ear, and I have until Dec 31 to get it done...



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Did the final touches on one Kraken, so it's ready to be released. The other still needs the runner/pod/weapon thingies on the bottom to be base coated. No progress on the HG:Blitz! Hunters since the first weekend of base coating. I did finish the last model railroad building I had. It's a railcar workshop, but I'm going to use it as a factory/warehouse.


I just bought the FFG X-Wing game, so probably won't do much painting.

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Well I managed to finish the following minis in September:


Bones Ghost

GW LotR Boromir

3 Ravenloft Skeletons

Ravenloft Dwarf Hero

Ravenloft Thief Hero

Ravenloft Ranger Hero

Bones Werewolf

Bones Minotaur.

DHL Clay Golem

DHL Ghoul King

DHL Spell Effect: Burning Sphere

Bones Bugbear.

GW: WHFB 6E Starter Mounted Empire Commander

AEG: 7th Sea; Female Castillian Swordsman

AEG: 7th Sea; Avalon Noblewoman

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